Disability Management Worker

Disability Management Worker or Community Disability Practitioner works to support people with disabilities including physical, mental, and developmental disabilities in community settings. They work to ensure that their clients are living a high-quality life overcoming their limitation. They help the clients to reach the goal of their everyday physical, social, and psychological activities by actively engaging with the clients. They need to learn their clients’ interests, and support them to engage in different activities including volunteering, work, and recreational activities. They start your day by meeting their clients at the facility, or their home, or out in the community and assist with their day-to-day activities such as helping at the animal shelter, exercise, swimming, music and art therapy, or whatever else your client chooses to participate in.

They may work as part of a team of professionals (including doctors, psychologists, teachers, and therapists) and family members to develop and carry out plans that support behavioural, residential, social, or employment goals.

Disability Management Worker may have to work in various settings including client’s home, care/rehabilitation centre, schools, community, healthcare centre, and recreational and leisure centres. Practitioners may need to attend meetings or other functions.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$13.38 – $31.53

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$26,081 – $61,477

Social and community service workers (4212)

Certified return-to-work co-ordinator - disability management

Certified return-to-work facilitator - disability management

Intellectual disabilities worker

Return-to-work co-ordinator - disability management

Return-to-work facilitator - disability management

Social rehabilitation officer

Social rehabilitation technician

Social rehabilitation worker

Minimum of a Diploma in the Human Services sector (including but not limited to LPN, Psychology, Child & Youth Worker, Social Work, Sociology, Justice Studies) A certificate or diploma in disability studies can be an asset

Average hourly

Range hourly

Average yearly

Range yearly


$13.38 - $31.53


$26,081 - $61,477


Employment outlook is good to fair in most provinces. More information is available here.

This is a growing but relatively small occupation. There are a limited number of new positions created each year.

One-year relevant experience in the human services field

Certificate and diploma programs are available at many colleges. Examples include:

Disability studies diploma at Bow Valley College

Disability studies certificate at Bow Valley College

Rehabilitation and Disability Management diploma at Simon Fraser University

Disability Support Worker certificate at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Team player, compassionate, attentive to the clients, passionate for working with people with disabilities, critical thinking skills, interest to explore new things and taking challenges, strong communication skills, highly responsible, able to stay calm under pressure, ability to consistently project a positive, professional image, on and off the job; the ability to maintain a balanced perspective; excellent organizational and time management skills; an interest in facilitating individual and organizational growth; negotiation skills; Valid CPR/First Aid certificate may be required


Work hours vary with the setting of the employment. Residential settings may require shift work. Other settings may offer more regular hours. Evening and weekend work are often required.

Enrolling into above mentioned programs and obtaining relevant degrees are usually required. Also, volunteering in different social and health services organizations could help.