CTP Participants

Eiman Abbo
Eiman Abbo is an international medical graduate from Sudan who is passionate about Internal Medicine as she believes the field is fundamental to all other medical specialties. Her current goal is to complete Internal Medicine training and pursue a subspeciality[...]
in Cardiology, as she believes that heart diseases are the most common cause of fatality in the past several years.

She has been actively involved in chronic disease advocacy, counseling, awareness, and prevention for three years. Eiman has also been involved in acute care management at the Emergency Department since 2015 and was a part of an energetic team that worked effectively and enthusiastically to manage and treat patients who presented with acute medical conditions.

She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, in 2011 and practiced as a General practitioner. She began her Internal Medicine specialization when she wrote the Membership of Royal College of Physician of the United Kingdom examination before moving to Canada in April 2019.

Eiman values volunteering as one of the most significant pillars to assist humanity. She has volunteered in various health care institutions in Sudan to help and support impoverished and displaced communities. she is currently an active volunteer at Royal Alexandra Hospital and Sherbrook Medical Clinic. She is a member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant in their Career Transition Program. As part of this course, she explores alternative careers in the Alberta health care system based on her interests.

Sara Abraha
Originally from Eritrea, Sara Abraha is an International Medical Graduate who was born and raised in Khartoum, Sudan. Her passion for medicine started when she encountered women and girls suffering due to lack of adequate healthcare and resources ranging[...]
from maternal mortality to limited to no access to contraception. While completing her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Sara actively worked to address the critical shortage of healthcare workers in the country. Upon graduation, Sara took the decision to focus on serving vulnerable and displaced populations including trafficked women who were forced to cross Sudan's treacherous border.

Following her graduation in 2013, Sara worked as a medical resident at Bashair Teaching Hospital, which served marginalized and low-income populations. She also worked as a national physician at the international organization for Migration (IOM), and successfully advanced the migration health agenda by incorporating migrant-inclusive health policies. Sara believes that morbidity and mortality among the migrant population is a critical health concern and deserves both domestic and international attention. As a result, she made a commitment to herself to work tirelessly to address the health needs of migrants and newcomers with special attention to the health of women and young girls. Her future plan is to ensure that discussions around irregular, forced, or exploitative migrant's health situations be incorporated into our health discussions here in Canada.

Mobolaji Adeeko
Mobolaji is a dedicated and driven foreign trained physician with over 10 years of experience in patient consultation and treatment, local and international development, data management and clinical research in resource constrained settings. Mobolaji[...]
is skilled in the design, implementation, coordination, and monitoring of program performance. Using Project Management and Quality Improvement tools and techniques, he has collaborated extensively with healthcare workers, stakeholders, and agencies to ensure improved healthcare delivery, enhance reporting structures, improve data management, and control change. Mobolaji takes pride in effectively coordinating and communicating with different team members, clients, and stakeholders, building capacity towards achieving program goals in his locality. He is committed, a great team player, hardworking, possess great organizational skills, and contributes in multiple capacities to make impact in health-related projects.
Folashade Adefemi
Folashade Adefemi is an international medical graduate from Nigeria who is passionate about family medicine with an interest in mental health. She strongly believes a healthy family with strong support is the bedrock of a healthy society. She has been[...]
actively involved in concurrent disorders, youth and adolescent care, geriatric, and disability care as well as psychological support to abused youths in the last ten years.

Folashade obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria in 2010. She has practiced as a primary care physician in both the private and public sectors. She spent the last seven years working with youth, adolescents, and the ageing populace in university hospitals before moving to Canada in January 2020. She is presently working as an Addiction Counsellor.

Folashade is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of their Career Transition Program. She is exploring alternative pathways into the Saskatchewan health care system based on her interest in addiction and mental health. She looks forward to a robust family medicine practice here in Canada.

Taimur Ali
Taimur Ali had the opportunity to see and interact with patients during his career as a medical student. He performed medical examinations, helped other students in studies, assisted in surgical procedures. He studied anatomy, physiology, surgery, medicine,[...]
pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, pathology public health, forensic medicine, eye, ENT, and pharmacology to name just a few. Taimur graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S).

Taimur has a passion for learning, reading, and teaching. He worked in the customer service and security industry and is excited to continue developing his skills in the field of healthcare in Canada. Other than further education, Taimur enjoys playing squash, table tennis, swimming and working out.

Rabia Azhar
Rabia Azhar has always been passionately curious about the marvel that the human body is. This coupled with compassion and inherent desire to ridding others from suffering drove her to acquire her bachelor's degree in Medicine from Pakistan in 2014. During[...]
her clinical rotations and her internship, she knew she was meant to serve the community as a physician. She finds immense satisfaction in listening to people and educating them regarding their health management.

She has recently passed her MCCQE1 and NAC OSQE for the licensure in Canada. Currently, Rabia is thoroughly enjoying her new role assisting at a Family Clinic in Edmonton where she is constantly interacting with clients and learning the patient centered approach in Canadian healthcare system. She has recently developed an interest in research and is enrolled in a course at Starmed Medical Education Program of Clinical Research in order to get familiarized with the foundation and significance of research in a clinical setting.

Rabia is a registered with Pakistan Medical Council and an active member of Career Transition Program at Alberta International Medical Graduate Association.

Punom Kumar Bhattacharyya
Punom Kumar Bhattacharyya is a foreign trained physician from Bangladesh and a public health policy enthusiast, currently engaged in the medical cannabis industry. Besides clinical experience in Bangladesh, he has a wide range of skills from analyzing[...]
and interpreting health information in order to prevent and reverse negative health outcomes to pharmacovigilance. He has been actively involved in systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of health data to help guide public health decision and action.

Punom obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree (MBBS) from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He practiced as a General Practitioner for more than 3 years at different tertiary care hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh before immigrating to Canada in August 2016. Due to his keen interest in public health and clinical research, he obtained a Master's in Public Health (MPH) from Umea University, Sweden in 2017. Moreover, he is currently enrolled in a graduate certificate course in applied clinical research from the McMaster University in Canada.

Punom has an interest to work in either Canadian clinical setting or health policy analysis. He is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of their CTP Program. As part of this program, he is exploring alternative careers into the Canadian Health care system based on his skillsets.

Niveen Bishai
Niveen Samir Bishai, M.Sc. 'Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise' a motto in which Niveen Bishai truly believes. Niveen is an international medical graduate who has passion for helping others keep going and get up on their feet[...]
during their difficult times.

Niveen is a fully licensed physician not only in her home country Egypt but also in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and obtained her LMCC certificate in 2018. She obtained her Pediatrics Masters degree in 2010. While at the U.A.E. she led workshops and presentations regarding children's vaccination schedules. She moved to Canada in 2017 with her family to seek out better opportunities. Besides being fluent in Arabic and English, Niveen also took up the French language in which she believes is an asset.

Niveen is currently an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduates Association and a current participant of their Career Transition Program. As part of their program, she is working towards starting her new career as a Wellness Consultant in Canada.

Fulfilling her desire to remain up to date with the latest trends in beauty; Niveen joined a lash extension training academy in 2019 and got certified as a lash extension artist. Currently, she owns a small business, that keeps her busy while working on her wellness consultant training program. It helps her expand her social network and at the same time it brings joy to her heart when she sees her valued clients happy with their new look! Married and a mother of two handsome boys, Niveen Bishai has a passion for arts and crafts, and travel. She participates in exhibitions that are organized by different organizations to sell her handmade crafts during the different seasons and occasions.

Prince Dan-Jumbo
Prince Dan-Jumbo is a Nigerian-trained physician with a post graduate training as a Family Physician, who believes that patient care should be a physician's first priority. He has been actively involved in health promotion, advocacy, health education,[...]
counselling and multiple morbidity awareness for chronic medical conditions throughout his career. Another aspect of health care he has been actively involved in over the decade is workplace welfare policies for the health workforce. At a young age he led over 18,000 Nigerian Resident Doctors as the National President. Prince obtained his Bachelors of Medicine from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria in 2006.

Prince was appointed as a management board member of the Federal medical Centre Abuja, representing the Nigerian Medical Association by President Muhammad Buhari in 2018. His efforts and contribution led to the domestication of the Resident doctors postgraduate training Act in 2020 and the commencement of intern-ship training for newly graduated doctors. However, the academic aspect of medicine is not left out through his research conceptualization, screening, collation, interviewing, and analysis of data on research regarding the pattern of depression and social support among infertile female patients attending the family medicine clinic. Prince is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of their Career Transition Program. He is currently seeking opportunities in Canada where he can apply his skills and knowledge within the healthcare industry and be a resourceful member of a team.

Winifred Ebhomien
Winifred is a driven, inquisitive and analytical Foreign-trained medical doctor, originally from Nigeria. She has great passion in leveraging her medical training and experience to promote positive changes within the vulnerable populations.


obtained a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree from the Igbinedion University Okada Nigeria in 2011. She underwent a one-year internship program in specialties which included Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

In addition to her Medical training, she held a key role in the conduction of the study titled “The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of diarrhea prevention in under-fives among caregivers in Okada Community”. This brought her some recognitions and produced an extensive body of work with foundational data upon which further studies were developed. In her line of passion, she also, organises free community outreaches to educate and promote awareness among underprivileged communities, to curb increasingly rates of infant and maternal mortality.

At her free time, Winifred loves to spend quality time with her family by engaging in weekly movie/ karaoke nights and loves to participate in marathon races. She is excited to be commencing a master's program in Public Health in the fall, further propelling her towards achieving her life-long dreams of becoming a Public Health specialist with a keen interest in the geriatric population.

Oluwatobi Faderin
Oluwatobi Faderin is an international medical graduate who is passionate about providing quality healthcare required in the field of medicine. Her career interests also includes social work especially with vulnerable members of society such as youth and[...]
children. She was inspired while Working with the Nurturers Foundation a non-governmental organization in Ogun, Nigeria where she provided advocacy and mentorship for teenagers during outreach events and engagements on issues such as career choice, drug abuse and sexual health.

Faderin has a medical degree in medicine and surgery from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria in 2012 and has practiced as a General Practitioner and is an active member of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. Currently residing in Canada and pursuing her licensure exams. She is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and is a current participant in the Career Transition Program where she is exploring alternative careers in the Canadian healthcare system.

She enjoys travelling, dancing and aerobics and most importantly spending time with her family.

Samir Gharbi
Samir Gharbi is International Medical Graduate from Tunisia with over 30 years of experience in medical practice. He is a highly skilled medical professional and always aims to improve patient's satisfaction and experience. He is recognized consistently[...]
for performance excellence and contributions to success in healthcare. He is a team player and is always ready to take on and overcome difficulties both within a team and independently depending on the task and situation. He enjoys volunteering specifically in sport's activities an area where he also practised his exceptional leadership and management skills. After immigrating to Canada, he now aims to enrich his experience and contribute his skills expertise and knowledge within an organization where he can be resourceful.
Bolaji Hammed
Bolaji Hammed is an international medical graduate from Nigeria. She relocated to Canada in the fall of 2019. Her passion is in reproductive health, assisting families who are trying to conceive.

Hammed graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University,[...]

Nigeria with a Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2011, She completed her internship, postgraduate training, Certification in Leadership and Management in Health Care and has since been practising as a General Practitioner.

Since she began working as a rehabilitation and community support worker in Edmonton, Hammed has become more interested in mental health which prompted her to get a certification in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and Psychological First Aid Training.

Another field that has captured her curiosity is Health Information Management.

She is an active member of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of the Career Transition Program. As part of this course, she is exploring her options in alternative careers in the Alberta healthcare system based on her interests.

Hammed loves travelling and playing Scrabble.

Firas Adnan Hussein
Firas Hussein is an International Medical Graduate from Iraq who specialized in family and emergency medicine. He graduated from the Baghdad College of Medicine with a Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery (MBChB). He has over 20 years of experience[...]
within the medical and clinical arenas. He has served in the community and has seen first-hand the effects of war on the people within the medical field. Though the experience in itself was devastating, it has in return equipped Firas with exceptional skills and expertise. His communication skills, alongside empathy and leadership abilities have all contributed to his strong belief and practice of patient-centered care. These experiences have also motivated Firas to utilize all available resources to support and help patients and their families to alleviate pain and suffering and achieve optimal results.

Firas believes that the combination of non-pharmacological and pharmacological measures can improve output and optimize results; and this is where he believes exceptional communication skills are the cornerstone in this equation. Firas also has experience in regular presentations in hospital and clinical settings specifically pertaining to management of emergency medical cases and has held weekly media programs about the high incidence diseases in community and their management. Firas is currently aiming to integrate and enjoy the new place he calls home- Alberta, Canada.

Salwa Khadr
Salwa Khadr is an enthusiastic international medical graduate with more than 15 years' experience in healthcare. She started with outpatient clinic and moved to the ER for 4 years. Salva then worked in the long-term care and rehabilitation center that[...]
includes ICU and ventilator weaning unit for over 5 years. This is where she found her passion in getting to know the patients closely and monitor their improvement day by day.

Salwa has an excellent record of communication with patient and families. Throughout her professional career she was always able to communicate with patients and families effectively when walking them through all of the aspects of their medical conditions as well as the treatment plan. She was also recognized for her, rejection free, insurance claim forms and also for her well-written documentation in the EMR and case studies. She was organizing physician shifts and 24 hours coverage of the facility. Salwa continues to be passionate in helping patients through other domains in healthcare with all the skills that she developed in the past years. She is looking forward to being a part of the Alberta Healthcare community to be resourceful to the organizations she will be affiliated, and to the patients and clients she will serve.

Sumayyah Khan
Sumayyah Khan is an International Medical Graduate from Pakistan. She is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable and respect to everyone. She is passionate about health and equality particularly women's health and their rights. She thrives to collaborate[...]
effectively to assist individuals, families and communities impacted by disasters, poverty and disabilities.

Sumayyah has been actively involved in health promotion, advocacy, counselling and awareness. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Medicine from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan. She completed her MPhil in Microbiology from University of Health Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. Sumayyah has worked as an laboratory demonstrator/academic instructor for more than four years in Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore before moving to Canada. Due to her avid interest in health, humanitarian values and impartiality she acquired an International Women's Health and Human Rights Certificate from Stanford University.

Sumayyah also has interest in Global Health and health education. She is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of their Career Transition Program. As part of this program, she is exploring alternative pathways into the Alberta health care system based on her interests.

Quinn Mbewe
Quinn Mbewe is an international medical graduate from the University of Zambia, School of Medicine, where she obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2009. She is a dedicated and focused healthcare professional with versatile clinical, administrative[...]
and laboratory skills. As a medical practitioner, she has helped thousands of patients achieve and maintain their health goals through various diagnostic and treatment plans and through collaboration with various health professionals to ensure good departmental and patient outcomes. She has also served as Acting Medical Superintendent of the 100+ bed capacity rural hospital and as Assistant Program Coordinator for the Influenza Sentinel Surveillance program, a WHO National Influenza Centre.

Quinn's interest is in laboratory sciences, specifically in Molecular Biology. She is fascinated by medical genetics, prenatal counselling and fertility treatments. Her other interests include health education and teaching. As an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association (AIMGA) and a current participant of their Career Transition Program, she is actively exploring pathways into the Alberta health care system to practice these adjuncts to medicine. Currently, Quinn works for the Alberta Health Services (AHS) and is making a steady impact in reducing COVID-19 risk spread through contact tracing.

In her spare time, Quinn enjoys transcontinental and local travel, jigsaw puzzling, and spending time with her family. She has previously been involved in medical missions to a rural community in Zambia, donating her time and expertise at a mobile clinic.

Afrah Misbah
An international medical graduate from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India, Afrah Misbah has a commitment and appreciation for diversity, volunteering and mentoring. In 2019, Afrah earned her MBBS degree, standing among the[...]
top 5 students in her batch of 100. Her clinical experience includes investigative procedures, diagnostic tests, primary care, and telemedicine.

During her medical school she has worked at several rural health camps and conducted health education campaigns and community outreach programs in Madhya Pradesh, India, which led to increased awareness about various communicable and non-communicable diseases among people and increased their adherence to medical services. One of her proudest accomplishments is when she received an award from the 'Indian Council of Medical Research' for a research study titled 'Feasibility and Viability of Mobile Phone Healthcare Services Provided to the Rural Population of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh'.

Afrah is currently on her pathway to licensure as a physician in Canada and the United States and has successfully completed the MCCQE and USMLE examinations. She is currently volunteering at the Women's Centre of Calgary and plans to continue her role as a lifelong learner to better care for those in need. In her spare time, you can find her trying to learn the guitar and piano, reading novels, and travelling to unique places.

Osemengbe Obhielo
Osemengbe Obhielo is an international medical graduate (IMG) who believes in taking care of people holistically and not just treating diseases. She has been actively involved in community outreaches, health promotion activities including screening programs,[...]
health education, patient advocacy, disability management, rehabilitation services, individual and family counselling for over a decade, with most of her work done in rural communities in Nigeria.

In the course of her career, she has led various hospital committees, oversaw medical units of non-governmental organisations, and actively volunteered in her community. One of her accomplishments was when she led the General Hospital, Ikorodu Taskforce team on management of severe malaria, in developing a facility-based protocol. Mentoring students and residents has also been part of her life journey.

She participated in public health activities like disease surveillance, contact tracing, and management of epidemic-prone diseases while with Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital in Nigeria (an acknowledged center of excellence for Lassa fever research and control).

Osemengbe obtained her Bachelor's degree in Medicine from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. She worked briefly as a Medical Officer before specializing as a Family Physician, and has practised in rural settings for 6 years before relocating to Canada in 2020. Her passion in promoting health and wellness has not waned.

She is a member of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association, participating at the on going Career Transition Program and she is determined to apply her wealth of experience towards a positive outcome in the Canadian workplace.

Ifedolapo Okunowo
Ifedolapo Okunowo is an international medical graduate from Nigeria with over 15years experience in general practice and a flair for infection control. She is passionate about health promotion and prevention strategies, child protection and general family[...]

Ifedolapo has been actively involved in community health awareness programs and infection prevention education. She is also interested in ensuring the goals of infant mortality reduction achieved by communicating with mothers on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and childhood immunization. In addition, Ifedolapo partakes in the monitoring, evaluation, and collation of health statistics within hospital settings and in the community.

Ifedolapo obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye Nigeria in 2005. She practiced briefly in pediatrics in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria between 2008-2010 before joining the private sector as a general practitioner and infection control specialist for 10 years.

Ifedolapo is a team player focused on achieving desired goals, an active member of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a participant in the Career Transition Program. Presently she is working at CBI Home health as an administrative assistant.

Oladapo Oladeinde
Oladapo is a result-driven physician and global health advocate who is always willing to help others attain their highest possible state of well being. He has over ten years of clinical practice experience delivering quality health care to members of[...]
rural and urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa while demonstrating strong leadership skills.

He is passionate about channeling his growing passion for research into building strong and responsive health systems. He is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative health research and has been actively involved in research conceptualization, data collection, and analysis in different projects.

He obtained his medical degree from the University of Benin, Nigeria, and a Master's degree in Global Health and Management (with distinction) from the University of Aberdeen, in the United Kingdom, under the prestigious Chevening scholarship scheme. In recognition of his sterling leadership qualities, he was awarded the Young African Leaders Initiative fellowship by the United States Government in 2016.

He is a loving husband and father to two lovely and beautiful daughters. He is committed to personal development and very keen on improving his bass guitar playing skills.

Oladoyin Olaosebikan
Doyin Olaosebikan is a dedicated healthcare professional with extensive knowledge and experience within the mental health field. She has designed and implemented various personalized treatment plans for people living with mental health conditions such[...]
as anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, addiction, depression, mood disorders and so on.

She is also passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy, this led her to start 'The Well Forte', which is a social media platform that educates people on common mental health conditions, their prevention and treatment as well as the strategies for an optimal mental health status. She has been an active participant of different community outreach programs in Sub-Saharan Africa aimed at educating people on the importance of mental health.

Doyin obtained her MBBS degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She practiced as a general practitioner for three years before relocating to Canada in 2020.

She is hoping to explore alternate pathways to get into the Canadian Health System. She is interested in pursuing a mental health-related Master's degree program. She is a member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and is currently enrolled in their Career Transition Program to explore alternative careers related to her passions, skill set and expertise.

Olufunmilayo Oliyide
Late one July evening in 2007, Olufunmilayo Oliyide, a foreign trained medical graduate from Nigeria with an MBA in International HealthCare Management, UK, came to the realization that healthcare and wellbeing are multifaceted and that a key factor in[...]
this, is patient empowerment and participation.

This perspective is what drives Oliyide to establish and maintain practices that highlight the significance of stakeholders and doctors working together another to create an environment where patients themselves have the autonomy of choosing their own level of engagement in their care. She is currently exploring alternative pathways into Healthcare in Alberta and is guided by a principle of patient/client centered care, whether in a clinical setting, in healthcare management, leadership and/or other future roles.

Oliyide is an amateur chef in her leisure time and an avid traveler who enjoys exploring and discovering different cultures.

Rita Onyebuchi
Rita Onyebuchi is a health care professional with a focus on family health and over 6 years of experience in Family Medicine. Her core values are building and bridging relationships, counselling, emotional support and physical health. She values the concept[...]
of community inclusion and currently volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross as a HELP assistant. She has worked in maternal and child health, geriatric care and in clinical research. In each of these roles she was able to provide valuable insight into frontline patient care as well as improving maternal and child health indices. She has also worked with Health Management organizations, where she demonstrated teamwork, organization and an attention to details.

She has volunteered with various non-profit organizations such as Society for Family Health, National Tuberculosis Centre, where she engaged with stakeholders at the community and national levels to bring about a positive health related outcome.

When Rita is not working, she is seen spending time with family, indulging in some food recipes, going for walks and biking.

Rita is currently seeking a career path within the healthcare sector where she can be resourceful at the individual and the community level.

Gazi Salahuddin
Gazi Salahuddin is an international medical graduate from Bangladesh who is passionate about Oncology. As cancer is the leading cause of death around the world, early diagnosis could prevent not only millions of death but also reduce a major portion of[...]
health expenditure. With a view to having an impact on this noble cause, he had worked as research admin at prostate Cancer Center of Southern Alberta Institute of Urology in Calgary. Currently he is volunteering in a project of prostate cancer at Rocky View General Hospital preparing and managing database of histopathology findings.

He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018. He has completed 1 year internship before moving to Canada in July 2019.

Gazi also has an interest in health management and hospital management. He is an active member of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a current participant of their Career Transition Program. As part of this program, he is exploring alternative pathways into the Alberta health care system based on his interest.

Playing soccer and cricket are his favorite outdoor activities.

Christine Salama
Christine is an international medical graduate from Egypt who is passionate about women and children's health as she conducted many awareness campaigns in rural areas to prevent spreading of communicable diseases between children. Additionally, she has[...]
been involved in the public health research while leading a health survey team to visit rural water supplies, collect data about water purification and take samples to the central laboratories towards achieving healthier water supplies for the nearby villages.

Christine earned her bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery (M. B. B. Ch) in 2014 with a very good standing with honor. Subsequently, she started her post-graduate rotatory clerkship in Internal Medicine, Dermatology, General surgery, Urology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesia, towards a 2-year full-time unsupervised practice at the ministry of health, rural health units.

In August 2016, Christine moved to Canada to start her exciting career journey towards Medical practice while accompanying her husband, who is doing his PhD in the transplantation Immunology research at the University of Alberta.

Christine has always been interested in the health management and preventive medicine. She is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association in a good standing.

Paras Shrestha
Paras Mani Shrestha is an International Medical Graduate, graduated from Kathmandu with more than 10 years of clinical experience in family medicine and primary care. As a medical professional, he is passionate about working with a diverse population.[...]
He has had ample opportunity to practice medicine in many different countries which include Philippines, Sri Lanka, USA and Nepal. He is a dedicated team player and collaborator and believes that effective collaboration amongst different teams and members of the system is key to a high standard of quality healthcare.

Paras takes a deep interest in hiking and trekking- having trekked to one of Everest's base camps is one of the highlights of his trekking career. Paras enjoys spending time with his family and is an advocate for meditation and yoga- practices that are deeply rooted in his daily lifestyle.

Shilpa Wadhwa
Shilpa Wadhwa is an international medical graduate from India with a specialization in Dermatology. She completed her medical degree (MBBS) from Manipal University, India, and completed three years of post-graduate training in dermatology. She has over[...]
eight years of clinical experience in General Practice and Dermatology having worked at tertiary hospitals and multi-specialty clinics. She also has a keen interest in academics and research in the medical field and has been an active member of medical associations in India. Shilpa has been actively involved in community work by organizing various free medical and health awareness camps. After coming to Canada in September 2019, she has gained experience within the Canadian healthcare system by completing several observerships. She is also engaged in volunteer research work at Alberta Children's hospital. She has been actively involved in serving the community by volunteering at Mustard Seed and Teachico Tutoring organizations in Calgary. Shilpa is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association since November 2019 and a current participant in their Career Transition Program. She aims to explore alternative careers in healthcare where she will be able to pursue her passion of health and wellness of patients/clients and the community at large. In her free time, she enjoys music, cooking, and spending time with her family.