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AIMGA was called upon by AHS to assist in supporting Cargill Food employees and to identify other immigrant serving organizations that could provide supports. AIMGA reached out to ActionDignity as they had also been called upon by the plant in Brooks to assist. Given that CCIS which has offices in both High River (FCIS) and Brooks (BCIS), AIMGA suggested working with them. Together we’ve been working tirelessly to support the workers in ways our respective organizations can. All three organizations made calls to the 2000+ employees. CCIS reached out to other organizations to support in the making of calls as we had a 72 hour turn around time from April 24th to 26th.

A team of our AIMGA members made over 500 calls to check in on employees and their families, provide education around COVID19, and identify supports that were required in order to help families isolate safely. Items such as food, household cleaners, sanitizer were identified as some of the most immediate needs. These referrals were provided to CCIS who then later put out a “call to action” to other Immigrant serving agencies to assist with the demand for food donations and the delivery of these essential items. ActionDignity has offered webinars on the financial benefits workers can apply for as there were many questions and concerns around this area. ActionDignity also reached out to ethnocultural organizations to obtain immediate delivery of food to families over the weekend. CCIS was also delivering food to households in Calgary.

Some AIMGA members went to Brooks, AB to offer support in first language to those who needed it for the COVID19 testing that took place from April 26-28 as they too have experienced a large outbreak.

AIMGA members along with BCIS interpreters

Our members continue to work alongside AHS in Town Hall meetings to provide interpretation support where needed. They are also conducting follow up calls to ensure questions around COVID19 are being addressed and that there’s an understanding of what isolation means as the mixed messages around COVID19 can be confusing.

Deidre Lake, Executive Director wants communities and ethno-cultural organizations to know that members are happy to support in ways they can. They’ve been looking for ways to get involved in the fight against this new disease. It is important to us that newcomers have accurate information about COVID19 and that this information is provided in various languages. Therefore, our members have come together to provide videos in 19+ languages. We hope you pass these on to communities at large.

We also would like to thank AHS for leading our community task force and our members for the supports they’ve provided along with ActionDignity and CCIS/FCIS/BCIS.

Food donations and supports: If any organization is interested in donating funds for food so vulnerable families can isolate safely at home, please email Deidre Lake at

December’s Member Spotlight is on Tuga Yousif, an internationally trained physician from Sudan.

Tuga Yousif describes herself as heart driven, passionate, knowledgeable ethics abiding internationally trained humble medical doctor, with long exposure to medical systems in the United States, Canada, Middle East and Africa, with high determination to deliver patient-centred service leading to an improved utilization of resources and patient advocacy. Tuga comes from a family of medical doctors as both of her parents are physicians.

She immigrated to Canada with her family in 2017 and is currently preparing for licensure. She is an active participant in a number of AIMGA programs and study groups and hopes to work in communities that are under-served.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our amazing IMG member. We wish Tuga the best of luck in her future endeavours and many thanks for sharing her story and passion for the art of healing. We believe she is an asset to the Canadian healthcare system!

If you wish to be part of AIMGA’s member spotlight series, please get in touch with Shola at We look forward to showcasing your skills, experience, talents, and aspirations!

November’s Member Spotlight is on Mark Ekpekurede, a participant in AIMGA’s first cohort of the Career Transition Program and one of AIMGA’s volunteer Research Coordinators.

Mark Ekpekurede is a licensed trained physician who has been registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) since December 2010 where he worked as a General Practitioner with a special interest in emergency and preventive medicine. He has experience managing surgical, obstetric, medical, and pediatric emergency cases.

He was also engaged within the community in the areas of health education, addiction, and counselling and is a firm believer in Preventive Medicine. In addition to his medical practice, Mark volunteered to meet the medical needs of rural communities in Nigeria that lacked basic amenities, accessible and affordable health care and good sanitary conditions.

He migrated to Calgary, Canada with his family in 2016 and is currently preparing for licensure. He currently works with autistic teenagers as a Behavioral Therapist with The Society for Treatment of Autism. He also volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society in creating awareness on Cancer prevention and raising funds for cancer research, prevention, population health and quality of life.

Mark is currently seeking positions that would allow him to focus on clinical research, preventative health and to collaborate with teams of clinical researchers in efficiently providing evidenced-based, smart solutions to preventing chronic diseases. He is also a volunteer Research Coordinator with AIMGA, coordinating research activities aimed at enhancing AIMGA’s visibility in the community with regards to IMG-related research along with other research that benefits members, communities, and AIMGA.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our amazing IMG member. We wish Mark the best of luck in his future endeavours and many thanks for sharing his story and passion for research and preventative health. We believe he is an asset to the Canadian healthcare system!

If you wish to be part of AIMGA’s member spotlight series, please get in touch with Shola at We look forward to showcasing your skills, experience, talents, and aspirations!

October is Women’s History Month in Canada, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women and girls across the country and throughout our history.

It’s the perfect month to showcase our first Member Spotlight!

Isibhakome (Isi) Aigbe is an internationally trained and licensed physician with over 13 years of clinical experience working with a diverse patient base. She has been a clinician/scientist in the field of Clinical Microbiology for the last seven years with an interest in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) of Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs). Isi worked as a general practitioner for six years before pursuing a residency program in Clinical Microbiology. She has since been at the forefront of managing patients with infectious disease processes, working tirelessly in the laboratory to diagnose these infections and manage them effectively while developing and implementing IPC policies, processes, and procedures to ensure safer and better outcomes for her patients and the community at large. This remains her utmost passion.

She has been actively involved in conceptualization, literature review, design, implementation, data collection, analysis, and report writing of various studies on HAIs and IPC strategies for co-authored publications. Isi immigrated to Canada with her family in 2018 and has made tremendous progress in obtaining licensure. Her passion led her to complete an infection prevention and epidemiology course through the Michener Institute in Toronto.

Isi was a participant in AIMGA’s Career Transition Program and is currently seeking positions that would harness her skills in Clinical Microbiological processes with an emphasis on infection prevention and control. She also seeks continued education opportunities in this field and is willing to learn new ways of approaching the scourge of HAIs.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our amazing IMG member. We wish Isi the best of luck in her future endeavours and many thanks to her for sharing her story and passion for infection prevention and control. We believe she is an asset to the Canadian healthcare system!

If you wish to be part of AIMGA’s member spotlight series, please get in touch with Yasmin Zaky, media studies intern, at We look forward to showcasing your skills, experience, talents, and aspirations!

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