Some members have been asking how to renew their membership. We have recently made some changes to make this process more clear. If your membership has expired, or if you’ve received an email that it is about to expire, then you can renew it as follows:

  • Login to your user account on the website
  • Click on your name in the website header
  • Click the “Membership” link in the sidebar
  • Click the “Renew your membership!” link in the Status section of the page
  • Click the “Click here to purchase a membership!” link in the My Memberships section of the page
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That’s it! Your membership will be renewed for the next year.

Thank you to all of those who attended our 2021 AGM! Here are the winners of the door prizes:

For participating in the AGM:
  • Uzma Hussain – $100
  • Ogoma Osanyiniusi – $75
  • Nahid Naghibzadeh Bajestani – $50
For voting on the AGM items:
  • Hussain Kareem – $100 gift card
Congratulations to all of the winners!

Here are some video highlights from the AGM:
  • Special thanks to our Health and Wellness team:  Video
  • Performance by Ahmed Hodelin; Song: Mambo Timbalero by Tito Puente:  Video
  • Silver Bells by Funmi Dominic Olaoye:  Video

AIMGA has been working behind the scenes to set up online groups and forums for our members, and several of these are now up and running!

The AIMGA member forum can be used by members for any general-purpose topics and discussions. You can click the Subscribe button on the main forum page to get email notifications when new topics are posted to the forum. Please click here to visit the forum.

In addition, online AIMGA groups are available and these groups provide a variety of tools and information to group members. You can visit the Resources link for a group to access documents, links to videos, and so on. You can ask or answer questions in a group forum, and each group has a member directory can help you find peers and identify networking opportunities. You can send and receive private messages to other group members through the website. Please click here to see the list of groups that are available.

AIMGA was called upon by AHS to assist in supporting Cargill Food employees and to identify other immigrant serving organizations that could provide supports. AIMGA reached out to ActionDignity as they had also been called upon by the plant in Brooks to assist. Given that CCIS which has offices in both High River (FCIS) and Brooks (BCIS), AIMGA suggested working with them. Together we’ve been working tirelessly to support the workers in ways our respective organizations can. All three organizations made calls to the 2000+ employees. CCIS reached out to other organizations to support in the making of calls as we had a 72 hour turn around time from April 24th to 26th.

A team of our AIMGA members made over 500 calls to check in on employees and their families, provide education around COVID19, and identify supports that were required in order to help families isolate safely. Items such as food, household cleaners, sanitizer were identified as some of the most immediate needs. These referrals were provided to CCIS who then later put out a “call to action” to other Immigrant serving agencies to assist with the demand for food donations and the delivery of these essential items. ActionDignity has offered webinars on the financial benefits workers can apply for as there were many questions and concerns around this area. ActionDignity also reached out to ethnocultural organizations to obtain immediate delivery of food to families over the weekend. CCIS was also delivering food to households in Calgary.

Some AIMGA members went to Brooks, AB to offer support in first language to those who needed it for the COVID19 testing that took place from April 26-28 as they too have experienced a large outbreak.

AIMGA members along with BCIS interpreters

Our members continue to work alongside AHS in Town Hall meetings to provide interpretation support where needed. They are also conducting follow up calls to ensure questions around COVID19 are being addressed and that there’s an understanding of what isolation means as the mixed messages around COVID19 can be confusing.

Deidre Lake, Executive Director wants communities and ethno-cultural organizations to know that members are happy to support in ways they can. They’ve been looking for ways to get involved in the fight against this new disease. It is important to us that newcomers have accurate information about COVID19 and that this information is provided in various languages. Therefore, our members have come together to provide videos in 19+ languages. We hope you pass these on to communities at large.

We also would like to thank AHS for leading our community task force and our members for the supports they’ve provided along with ActionDignity and CCIS/FCIS/BCIS.

Food donations and supports: If any organization is interested in donating funds for food so vulnerable families can isolate safely at home, please email Deidre Lake at