Patient Navigator Program


This program is designed to bridge highly skilled international medical graduates (IMGs) into
a non-physician occupation in the area of patient navigation, health promotion, health facilitation
and community facilitation. It is comprised of the following components:

  • Patient Navigator Certificate
  • Interpreter Certificate, York University, CISOC
  • Facilitation/Preparedness to Teach Certificate, AIMGA
  • Career and Workplace Readiness, AIMGA


IMGs residing in Alberta (both permanent residents and Canadian citizens) who are interested
in obtaining employment as a patient navigator. IMGs who are applying to CaRMS will not be considered
for this program. IMGs must meet English Language Proficiency requirements in order to become
certified as an interpreter and to conduct health related workshops in community. IMGs for this
program must be unemployed or under-employed and serious about seeking employment during
and following the program. This program has been made possible with funding from the Government of
Alberta. IMGs must commit to the schedule and if participating online must have their cameras on at all
times and be dedicated to learning. This program will include a combination of in person and online


By the end of the program, the participants will:

  • apply strategies for health promotion and navigation.
  • identify relevant and appropriate sources of information
  • display the socio-cultural competencies required to interact effectively with diverse individuals,
    groups, and communities
  • address numerous dimensions of communication including internal and external exchanges; written,
    verbal, non-verbal and listening skills; and
  • address numerous dimensions of communication including internal and external exchanges; written,
    verbal, non-verbal and listening skills; and
  • demonstrate leadership competencies that build capacity, improve performance, and enhance
    the quality of the working environment
  • Demonstrate facilitate health education sessions in group settings both online and in-person


This practicum is a hands-on experience that is important to participants’ success in a public health career.
Participants must complete 50 hours within a healthcare workplace where they are able to practice their
patient navigation skills.


This practicum is designed to:

  • provide IMGs with exposure to Canadian medical settings by attending in the workplace
    and navigating patients;
  • support the professional development of IMGs by providing them an opportunity to create
    professional linkages, obtain feedback, and a reference where applicable
  • enhance the socio-cultural competence, and communication skills of IMGs by giving them the
    opportunity to participate in professional interactions with physicians, allied health professionals,
    and patients;
  • utilize IMGs in patient navigation roles;
  • promote the development of IMGs’ professional language proficiency, communication strategies,
    cultural awareness, and the employability skills that are essential for successful integration into
    a non-physician occupation within the Canadian healthcare environment.
  • Provide opportunities for IMGs to develop and deliver patient education sessions where applicable


Evaluation is a mandatory part of this program and both participants and practicum supervisors
will be required to evaluate the program components.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Abigail Anugengen at