Our Programs at a Glance

Information & Orientation

AIMGA provides various information sessions which include an overview of the pathways to licensure, services and programs, and career sessions to ensure our members are making informed decisions regarding next steps and their career pathways.


AIMGA offers observerships in clinical settings that offer an excellent opportunity to learn in the specific context of the Canadian healthcare system. AIMGA also offers mentorship opportunities for members to connect with mentors, employers, and others.

Exam Study Groups

The moderated study groups for the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) exams present an excellent opportunity for IMGs to connect with peers and to work together to prepare. We offer QE1, NAC OSCE, and TDM study groups

Career Transition Program

The Career Transition Program assists IMGs who are considering an alternative career pathway in health as a short or long-term goal. CTP includes career workshops, coaching sessions, mentoring circles, and a mock interview with employers and HR consultants.

MCAP Online

MCAP (Medical Communication Assessment Program) is a 12-week program for IMGs seeking licensure via CaRMS, ACSAP, PRA routes. Facilitate sessions include standardized patients, physician examiners, communication educators, and online supports

CaRMS Preparation Program

This program assists IMGs to understand the underlying principles and values of the Canadian healthcare system and the essential skills and attributes required to function effectively as a physician within the Canadian context.

IELTS/OET Preparation

The IELTS/OET preparation courses at AIMGA are designed for IMGs who need to enhance their language skills and develop testtaking strategies to achieve the language proficiency requirements for licensure.

MMI Preparation Course

The Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) Preparation Course is a 2-day preparation course which includes an educational component, sample scenarios, mock MMI and, a group feedback session. This course is held after the NAC OSCE in the fall.

OSCE Preparation Course

The OSCE Preparation Course is a 2-day preparation program which includes a hands-on workshop, a mock OSCE, mock exam and, a group feedback session.

Lunch & Learn /
Networking Sessions

Lunch & Learn and Networking sessions are informal sessions for our members to network with one another and to learn about a topic of interest, research, employment, programs, and other relevant topics.

Lectures & Workshops

AIMGA offers a variety of lectures and workshops throughout the year based on the needs of IMGs. These include workshops to support study groups, those applying for CaRMs, those selected for residency, and those interested in professional development.

Patient Navigator Program

AIMGA is pleased to offer this skills based program for IMGs seeking employment as health navigators to support citizens who require supports. This program is offered in partnership with AIMGA, York University, and CILISAT (interpreter translator certification).