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    Rovi Bangcaya


    FGC Health LP owns, operates, and services independent pharmacies, medical clinics, home health care, and ambulatory care agencies. We connect healthcare businesses to our proprietary open-source technology platform, which enables health care professionals to practice at the top of their license along with providing a more connected and engaging experience for patients.

    Our mission is to become a leading consumer health services organization. We strive to positively influence individual and community health outcomes, perfectly pairing the benefits of our innovative technologies to our patients’ health needs. We address and fill the gaps in care that exist today, to shape a better tomorrow.

    As the Patient Care Coordinator is responsible managing value-added programs and patient services and perform ongoing patient care and customer service. This role will report directly to the VP, Pharmacy.

    To apply, please visit: https://ca.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=FGC-Health&t=Patient+Care+Coordinator&jk=3b33424ebb8591dc&q=medical+office+assistant&vjs=3

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