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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    The role of the Public and Travel Health Supervisor would be to work with staff to ensure the overall health of international travellers arriving in Canada.

    Nurses would:
    • assess the health status of travellers and apply principles and practices of disease management and control;
    • identify signs and symptoms of COVID 19;
    • attend to medical needs (such as prescription renewal, ensuring appropriate diet for medical needs) and arrange external medical services for urgent or important needs;
    • support passengers in receiving psychosocial support as required;
    • support application of health promotion principles in ensuring traveller wellbeing
    Nurses, acting as PHAC representatives, would work with a range of stakeholders and partners in coordinating activities, ensuring effective communication and management. They would ensure documentation of all passenger information required while maintaining confidentiality and comply with the code of behaviour, ethics and practice.
    Some additional nursing positions may be stationed at points of entry including airports or land or marine points of entry where they would be involved in overall health assessment of COVID 19 with international incoming travellers.

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