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    Rovi Bangcaya

    Full Job Description

    This is a fun place to work, in a small & well-appointed, modern Medical Office, full-time 8-5 Weekdays. No hours on weekends, evenings, or Holidays. Income is at the higher end of the scale and paid biweekly.

    The goal is to find a kind, caring and compassionate individual for long-term employment in a well-paid career that is patient centered. Experience is an asset for this position, which is very interactive and collaborative with patients and Medical
    Professionals. The patients are wonderful and very friendly. We don’t tolerate the ones that aren’t.

    We do a scheduled increases in hourly income with eventual possible transfer to salary based on merit, performance, and individual situation.

    To apply, please visit: https://ca.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=Northwest-Surgical-Clinic&t=Medical+Office+Receptionist&jk=8e38bbcbb7b9450c&q=medical+office+assistant&vjs=3

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