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    Good evening
    I initially requested to join the MCCQE study group, but learnt my profile had to be at least 75% complete. I have done this, so would like to know how I can be added.


    Tisha Raj

    Hello Chioma,

    I’ve checked and you have been added to the MCCQE1 study group and hope you have been able to access it.
    These are the steps if you are unsure:

    1) Log into the AIMGA website
    2) Go to the top right hand corner and click on your name/profile picture
    3) Click on ‘Groups’ that will be on the menu that’s on the left of your profile page

    Then you will be able to have access to resources and the forums page.

    Thank you!


    Chidubem Anyanwu

    Hello, same here, I would like to join the mccqe1 group, and I have sent a request for it, could it please be approved of, thank you.


    Sabina Lerner

    Hello everyone.
    I’m a new member. I’m a stater. I was happy to find this study group. It was really good first experience to study with you today.
    I have questions about the study materials. Do the students of this course has access to the bank we are working with?
    The MCC has its own Qbnk (cost range 300-500$ approximately)-isn’t it more reliable than U world?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.


    Good day Tisha
    Yes I was successful in joining the group and can access the resources

    Thank you for your response.


    Tisha Raj

    Hello Sabina,

    Members only have access to UWorld and Qbank through the study groups. We unfortunately cannot provide individual access to them.

    If you are able to, please attend as many sessions of QE1 and then request to be added to the ‘Groups’ page where you are able to access
    other resources and materials to aid with your studying.

    Thank you!


    Minal Amin

    Hello Tisha,

    As we can join groups by clicking on groups options under the profile pic, I’m unable to see any groups! they say SORRY, THERE WAS NO GROUP FOUND!!! Can you help me through this?


    Muna Farah


    I would like some assitance in being added to the QE1 study group. In the group’s section under my name, it says that there are no groups. Kindly advise.

    Thank you!


    Kofi Katantula

    Hello Admin,
    I’m having the same issue.I can’t find any group.Please help me out.Thank you


    Kofi Katantula

    Hello again,please,where can I find the resources?


    Aisha Naveed

    I have initially requested to be added to to both the mccqe1 group and the CARMs group but I’m still not added


    kindly add me to MCCQE1 study group.
    my exam is for Nov. 2022

    P.S- Kindly treat as urgent


    Urwah Aisha

    Hi there, same problem happening to me as well in my profile it says NO group found
    Kindly help


    Hi, i have sent a request to join the MCCQE1 group, can it be approved of. Thanks


    Hello every body
    1- I am new here and want to join mccqe1 study groups can anyone guide me
    2-Is urology residency from university of health sciences lahore pakistan recognized in canada


    Lawrence Mensah

    Hi, Is there a QE1 group we can join?

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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