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    sarbast rashid

    Full Job Description:
    Your Opportunity:
    AHS provides alternative job opportunities for those International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are not able to obtain independent licensure on their own and/or are unable to obtain a residency position. Clinical Assistants are important members of the collaborative care team at Alberta Health Services (AHS); functioning as mid-level providers under the supervision and direction of physician supervisor(s) to provide acute care coverage within our hospitals. Making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Clinical Assistants are registered for supervised practice with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) under the Limited Practice Registry and provide clinical support under the direction of AHS Medical Staff. In this position you will deliver care to patients at the Rockyview General Hospital and cross cover one more AHS site including after hours and on weekends and statutory holidays when no resident is available within a multidisciplinary team in Addiction and Mental Health, Calgary Zone. At these sites, the incumbent would be responding to psychiatric consults in the ER and throughout the hospital as well as addressing transfers from and to other sites and emerging issues on any of our inpatient units. In a non-call capacity, this position may be scheduled to work on any of the aforementioned units but possibly also working in Day Hospital or possibly in other outpatient capacities.
    This posting is only open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada. As a Clinical Assistant, you will be working alongside physicians, nurses, pharmacists and dieticians. Job duties often include examination of the patient, documenting the history, conducting a complete physical examination, developing a treatment plan in consultation with the attending/supervising physician, writing appropriate orders, and entering these orders into the patient care electronic or manual system. Clinical research is important in this field of practice, and the care of patients registered on research trials is an important part of the role. Appropriate supervision and support is provided and the training will begin with a formal orientation and assessment. Only those demonstrating the strongest qualifications will be contacted for an interview.
    Classification: Clinical Assistant
    Union: Exempt
    Unit and Program: Department of Psychiatry
    Primary Location: Rockyview General Hospital
    Location Details: As Per Location
    Negotiable Location: Within Calgary Zone
    Employee Class: Regular Full Time
    FTE: 1.00
    Posting End Date: 09-FEB-2024
    Date Available: 11-MAR-2024
    Hours per Shift: 7.75
    Length of Shift in weeks: 2
    Shifts per cycle: 10
    Shift Pattern: Evenings, Nights, Weekends, On Call
    Days Off: As Per Rotation
    Minimum Salary: $24.83
    Maximum Salary: $61.22
    Vehicle Requirement: Driver’s License, Vehicle Required
    Required Qualifications:
    Candidates must submit a CV and CA Eligibility Pre-Screen Letter from AHS with their application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The successful applicant will be responsible for registering and maintaining professional licensure with the CPSA. CA’s must meet certain licensure requirements; therefore AHS provides a pre-screening process to help ensure interested individuals satisfy the minimum requirements to be eligible for registration by the CPSA. Please access the pre-screening application online (http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/medstaff/Page7094.aspx). NOTE: pre-screening does not guarantee an interview or job offer and a final determination of license eligibility is only made by the CPSA after the successful candidate has applied for licensure; pre-screening does not guarantee the successful candidate will be licensed. Applicants must be able to satisfy the CPSA’s criteria for registration as a CA. AHS’s pre-screening process reviews applicants for this criteria, but a final determination is only made by the CPSA when registration is initiated for the successful job applicant. The criteria includes the following (please review the detailed definitions on the CPSA’s website https://cpsa.ca/physicians/registration/apply-for-limited-practice/).
    Additional Required Qualifications:
    Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada (e.g. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and individuals with open work permits). Medical Degree. Postgraduate Training (must be hospital-based training in clinical services providing direct patient care interaction in the acute care setting). Medical Council of Canada’s Qualifying Exam Part 1 (MCCQE1). Proof of English Language Proficiency (if trained in a country where English is not the first and native language; even if it was the language of instruction). Letter of Offer from Alberta Health Services (AHS will provide confirmation to the CPSA and initiate the registration process for the successful applicant in our job search). Successful completion of AHS’s Clinical Assistant orientation program (successful applicant will receive an Orientation & Assessment once registered with the CPSA). Demonstrate currency of practice to the satisfaction of the CPSA. Within the last three years, physicians need to have practised independently, been in a regulated, supervised practice (in a role where the physician was not the most responsible physician), or been a part of a continuous postgraduate training program for a minimum of one year in the discipline you want to enter in Alberta. Fellowship training, community service, public service, national service, Medical Officer posts and practice experience do not fulfil this requirement.
    Preferred Qualifications:
    Preference will be given to applicants who have recent experience in an acute care facility. Prior experience working as a Clinical Assistant in a Canadian health care setting is an asset.

    For more information on how to apply visit:

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