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    Teresa Lau

    The Community-Driven Population and Public Health – Indigenous Project Coordinator and Facilitator will be responsible for planning and implementing the Indigenous strategy for the Centre for Sexuality’s project “Increasing Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information, Resources, and Care for Underserved Populations.” This comprehensive project includes four distinct population-specific strategies designed to support under-served communities in Alberta to attain and maintain sexual & reproductive health and wellbeing, including Indigenous youth and their communities in Treaty 7. Representing C4S, the Indigenous project coordinator will facilitate and lead the Indigenization of our Relationship and Sexual Health Education (RSE) program to reflect the unique Indigenous traditional practices, ways of knowing, and community needs of two separate Indigenous communities in Treaty 7 (communities still to be determined), and its delivery in these communities. These community-informed and adapted RSE programs are designed to be accompanied by training for natural and community supports, which will also be developed with communities and be based on identified needs. Through in-depth community engagement and consultation, this strategy will also inform the creation of training for present and future healthcare providers to better meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of under-served populations.

    In summary, this position will be responsible for building relationships and working closely with two Indigenous communities to inform the development and delivery of the Indigenized RSE curriculums for youth and their natural supports.

    This position is offered by the Centre for Sexuality (formerly Calgary Sexual Health Centre). Click here to learn more about the position.

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