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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    Below are the details for an opportunity to work as an immunization counsellor, for a MIICOVAC Pilot Project. Please read through the full job description. If you would like to apply, please send your resume to Deidre Lake (deidre@aimga.ca) by end of day on Monday Feb 14th

    Pilot Project Description

    Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are proposing an educational intervention using the
    motivational interviewing approach to increase vaccine acceptance across Canada and to
    address the concerns of individuals who are not adequately vaccinated and hesitant to receive
    the COVID-19 vaccine. Motivational interviewing makes it possible to address people’s
    hesitations with compassion and empathy while helping them move towards an openness to
    vaccination. This pilot project is called MIICOVAC, which stands for Motivational Interviewing
    Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance. In this pilot project, we will train immunization
    counsellors in motivational interviewing and COVID-19 immunization to conduct motivational
    interviewing-based counselling interventions with vaccine hesitant individuals.

    Summary of Responsibilities

    Under the responsibility of … (to be specified by the institution), the incumbent will promote
    COVID-19 vaccination to hesitant individuals who are not adequately vaccinated against COVID19 in Canada. The incumbent will provide online vaccine counselling interventions (via the Zoom
    platform) through applying the motivational interviewing approach to hesitant individuals
    enrolled in the MIICOVAC project. They will also participate in data collection for the evaluation of the MIICOVAC pilot project.

    General Objectives of the Position

     Perform an immunization counselling role adapted to the conditions of the individuals
    who are hesitant to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or of the individuals who are
    hesitant to have their children vaccinated against COVID-19 by using motivational
     Promote COVID-19 vaccination to hesitant individuals who are not adequately
    vaccinated according to their specific provincial/territorial recommended vaccination
     Participate in an immunization counsellor community of practice in the promotion of
    COVID-19 vaccination.
     Increase the quality of care and services related to COVID-19 vaccination.
     Provides support as required and in a respectful manner to the person requesting the
    services of the MIICOVAC project.
     Possesses interpersonal and empathy skills.
    Minimum Academic Background
     Bachelor’s degree in either health or social sciences.
     Master’s and doctoral students in the health or social sciences are welcomed to apply.
     Clinical experience interacting with clients in a healthcare setting is an asset.
     Experience as a counsellor or in motivational interviewing is an asset.
     Basic knowledge of immunology in relation to vaccination is an asset.
     Operational knowledge of computer tools (Zoom, Microsoft Office).

    Skills and Abilities Required
     Human relations and helping skills.
     Supportive attitude towards immunization.
     Empathy, compassion and non-judgmental attitude.
     Ability to work remotely and independently.
     Leadership skills.
     Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French and/or English.

     Learn and master the techniques of motivational interviewing applied to immunization
    through in-depth training delivered by designated trainers (3 days in virtual modalities,
    followed by a one-day coaching and feedback training).
     Learn and master the theoretical content on COVID-19 disease, COVID-19 vaccines,
    prioritization of doses at recommended ages according to each province/territory,
    hesitation and concerns about COVID-19 vaccination, and the organization of COVID-19
    vaccination services in Canada.

     Full time or part time
     Service coverage: 6 days / week (Monday to Saturday, which includes the possibility of
    working 1 Saturday in a month)
     Possibility of flexible day and evening hours (the MIICOVAC pilot project will offer
    appointment scheduling between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and between 10am and
    4pm on Saturdays).

    Salary (including employee benefits)
     Hourly rate for organization: to be specified by the institution (current hourly rate
    offered by the institution)
     Hourly rate for Individuals: Up to $50/hr (depending on experience) plus 10% in lieu of

    Additional information for the employer
    Training for MIICOVAC immunization counsellors will be offered free of charge to employees of
    your facility who are designated for this role. Once trained, immunization counsellors will be
    required to be released on a full-time or part-time basis for six months to perform their
    immunization counsellor function for the MIICOVAC project. The Canadian Public Health
    Association will cover the salary of the immunization counsellor. At the end of their term, your
    employees will be able to return to their original duties and bring their knowledge and expertisein motivational interviewing to your facility for the promotion of COVID-19 vaccination.MIICOVAC project is working with the Canadian Public Health Association and its project CANVax.ca to increase COVID-19 vaccine acceptance across Canada.

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