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    Tisha Raj

    You will be working alongside physicians, nurses, social workers, family therapists, pharmacists and dieticians. Job duties often include examination of the patient, documenting the history, conducting a complete physical examination, developing a treatment plan in consultation with the attending/supervising physician, writing appropriate orders, and entering these orders into the patient care electronic or manual system. Clinical research is important in this field of practice, and the care of patients registered on research trials is an important part of the role. You may be required to be part of the process within your given hours of work. Clinical Assistants are paid for a 50 hour work week while the scheduled hours may be averaged over 2-4 weeks. For example, weekday shifts within this program are often scheduled for 16 hours in-house overnight coverage. The schedule is designed to meet clinical needs and align with other members of the care team; as discussed between the Section Chief and the Clinical Assistant. Appropriate supervision and support is provided and this will begin with a formal orientation and assessment. Only those demonstrating the strongest qualifications will be contacted for an interview.

    Classification: Clinical and Surgical Asst
    Union: Exempt
    Unit and Program: Addiction and Mental Health Program, Units 25, 27, 37, Med Psych; Psychiatric and Medical Units
    Primary Location: Peter Lougheed Centre
    Negotiable Location: Within Calgary Zone
    Employee Class: Regular Full Time
    FTE: 1.00

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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