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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    F2F Direct Consulting engages supporters of charitable organizations to increase public support for social causes both in Canada and overseas. We do this by developing passionate and well informed teams who inspire Canadians to provide consistent donations, over the long term, for their chosen cause.

    Your Role

    A very important part of this Donor Appreciation and Fundraising position is making a very genuine and informed expression of gratitude.

    The fundraising aspect involves either:

    -Asking the supporter to renew or increase their monthly donations in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

    -Or, asking a member of the general public to become a monthly donor in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

    Supporters truly appreciate having a representative go out of their way to visit them on their home’s doorstep from a Covid-19 safe distance.

    Click HERE for additional information or to apply

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