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    Rovi Bangcaya

    Work location negotiable (Calgary/Edmonton). The Administrative Support is an advanced position that reports to the Executive Director, IT, Clinical Support Services Contracting & Capital (CPSM), the Administrative Support has key responsibilities which include: effectively managing the ED’s schedule; prioritizing appointments and proactively resolving scheduling conflicts; supports the team for scheduling, timekeeping, establishing and maintaining department processes; managing electronic and hard copy document storage, retrieval, and version control; managing meetings, preparing follow-up action items for agendas.

    This position interacts with other peer administrative support staff and has frequent contact with multiple other stakeholders within AHS. This position has responsibility to understand and implement visual identity and writing standards to all department documents. The position uses discretion and critical thinking to address escalated issues or problems where there may not be established processes or guidelines. Decisions involve office management, setting priorities, and determining the most efficient process for accomplishing the assigned work.

    To apply, please visit: https://careers.albertahealthservices.ca/jobs/administrative-support-328166

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