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    The Canadian VIGOUR Centre (CVC) is an Academic Research Organization (ARO) committed to enhancing cardiovascular health. Our Centre provides leadership in clinical trials of cardiovascular therapies from study design to manuscript publication, developing selected registries, and informing clinical practice through insights gained from population health data. The CVC is anchored by a dedicated group of internationally recognized thought leaders in cardiovascular medicine and clinical investigation and supported by accomplished administrative and clinical operations teams and experienced biostatisticians, data analysts, and ECG Core Laboratory personnel.

    Position Summary

    This position will be key in the administration of the academic research programs led by the Directors and Faculty at the Canadian VIGOUR Centre, a locally, nationally and internationally recognized leader in clinical cardiovascular research. Exceptional communication and organizational skills are required to coordinate these programs (including tracking deliverables and reports), support research chair activities, organize research ethics and standards, and coordinate the development, submission, and upkeep of grants and research proposals. Collaboration in the promotion and dissemination of research from these programs is also expected.

    Click https://www.careers.ualberta.ca/Competition/A100648484/ to learn more and/or to apply.

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