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Hi, I do not think we need to share the PR card through physianapply. According to the checklist, it is just the upload aspect that has a box to be checked. I also chatted an agent on MCC website who stated that I am not required to add any form of identity documents at this time because my Nigerian passport presently on expires next year September. Pleas find below a transcript of the chat.

Hi Leila, I am wondering how to add a new ID card like PR card into my physian apply

12:19:09 PM
Leila said:
Please note that you are not required to update your identity documents at this time.

12:21:47 PM
Leila said:
Once accepted, they are valid for 5 years in your account.

12:21:59 PM
Leila said:
once it expires, you can only submit new identity documents if/when you apply to an exam or submit a source verification request.

12:22:35 PM
You said:
Thank you. I am applying for residency program in Alberta and it seems they need a proof of status in Canada. I have my Nigerian passport in my account for now

12:25:29 PM
Leila said:
You will have to ask them how you can submit it to them directly.

12:25:49 PM
Leila said:
your identity document is valid until November 27, 2022. They cannot be changed.