World Diabetes Day: Join us for a panel discussion and information session


World Diabetes Day: Join us for a panel discussion and information session

Date / Time
November 14, 2020
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm MST


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Join us online for World Diabetes Day
Saturday, November 14th
This year the campaign focuses on the role of nurses in the prevention and management of diabetes. 
In recognition of the theme, AIMGA has invited two nurses, Heather Kerr and Claire Mills, who have been supporting the assessment and integration of Internationally Trained Healthcare Professionals. They will join us to speak about nursing in the Canadian context. Following this, our very own Fauzia Moyeen, a diabetes expert and AIMGA member, will provide updates on the latest guidelines for management of diabetes.
1:00-1:05 Welcome
1:05-1:20 Panel discussion on nursing in the Canadian context
1:20-1:35 Updates on latest guidelines on managing diabetes
1:35-1:45 Q & A session

Fauzia Moyeen

Fauzia Moyeen, has provided training in more than 15 countries in the field of diabetes management and diabetes education. In recognition for her work, she was appointed as the Head of Academics in King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, where she had the platform to create, innovate, and design curriculum for different para-medical and medical staff in the field of chronic diseases in addition to conducting seminars, international conferences, and train-the-trainer programs.

Fauzia loves to educate and has presented at over 300 international, national conferences, workshops and focus groups. Fauzia has a passion for diabetes education and believes education is the corner stone in managing all chronic diseases. In her career as a trainer, she has practiced successfully the theory of empowerment, has vast experience providing training to multicultural audiences, delivered successfully Insulin Pumps and sensors training, and has a keen interest in Type 1 Diabetes in children and the psycho-social aspects of the disease.

She is an active member of Diabetes Canada and works as Director Membership for Calgary Chapter. Fauzia is actively participating as a speaker & trainer for various clinics and organizations in Calgary.

Heather Kerr RN, BScN, MPH

Heather Kerr is a passionate pediatric community health nurse and educator. She has been a faculty member of the Mount Royal University School of Nursing and Midwifery since 2004 and has taught a variety of courses in both the Bridge to Canadian Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing programs. She was program coordinator of the Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program from 2016- 2017. Heather has also been involved in the substantially equivalent competency (SEC) assessment process as an assessor with the Internationally Educated Nurses Assessment Center in Alberta. She was a consultant in the Capacity Building of IEN Assessments project building capacity within western Canada and established SEC assessment processes and tools in collaboration with government and regulatory bodies. As an educator and advocate, Heather has participated in a variety of projects supporting international health care professionals in their transition to professional practice and has developed a deep understanding of the challenges they face.  Heather is dedicated to supporting internationally-educated health care professionals in their transition and integration to the Canadian health care system.

Claire Mills

Claire Mills is a senior health care professional (leader, manager, and educator). For the past four years, she has been the Clinical Placement Coordinator at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary with responsibilities to procure clinical placements for 700- 800 clinical placements per term. Prior to this role she was an Educational Consultant with Rural Programs for Physicians and Nurses in the department of Continuing Medical Education in the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.

She has been involved in various capacities with competency level examinations for internationally educated nurses and physicians since 2018, specifically: Chief Examiner for the International Nurses Exams past three years, Standardized Nurse for MCC exams, Examiner for MCC exams, and an MMI Evaluator. She holds to a philosophy that healthcare practitioners will flourish when there is an atmosphere of reciprocal positive relationships


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