Treating the patient who can’t make ends meet-Webinar


Treating the patient who can’t make ends meet-Webinar

Date / Time
October 16, 2019
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm MDT

AIMGA Calgary
Suite 202 - 1409 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB


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Treating the patient who can’t make ends meet: Income security in primary care as a first approach to chronic disease management.

There is an argument that disconnect between social services and health services disadvantages patients, and that primary health care is an ideal starting point to address income insecurity (Abbot 2002; Hassan, Scherer, Pikcilingis et al, 2015; Bloch, Rozmovits & Giambrone, 2011; Starfield 2009). Primary care supports longitudinal relationship development, and primary care providers have access to information about the familial, social and economic contexts of their patient’s lives (Kiran & Pinto, 2016). Primary care providers are ideally situated to observe and respond to health determinant discrepancies in their patients’ lives. This presentation will involve the patient voice and examples of this work in action.


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