Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists work with radiation therapy equipment, provide radiation treatments and conduct body imaging for disease diagnosis. They could work as supervisors and instructors.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$25.64 – $45.00

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$49,998 – $87,750

Nuclear medicine clinical instructor; Nuclear medicine technologist; Nuclear medicine technologists supervisor

This job position requires two- to three-year college, hospital or other approved program in nuclear medicine technology or a bachelor of health sciences in nuclear medicine and a period of supervised practical training. Provincial license and membership with a provincial association are required. Also, Certification by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists is required in all provinces except Quebec and British Columbia.

The employment outlook is fair to good in most provinces. More information is available here

Experienced technologists may take further training or a bachelor’s degree to move into teaching or administration positions.

Several schools offer programs and courses that meet the educational requirements of an MRI technologist. Examples include:

Diploma in Nuclear Medicine Technology - SAIT
Undergraduate Program in Nuclear Medicine Technology - Dalhousie University

General learning ability to operate radiation detection equipment and perform diagnostic procedures to assist nuclear medicine physicians in the diagnosis of diseases
Verbal ability to explain procedures to patients; may train and supervise students and supervise other nuclear medicine technologists
Form perception to perform diagnostic procedures using radioactive materials on biological specimens such as blood, urine and faeces
Objective interest in precision working with radiation detection equipment such as gamma cameras, scanners, scintillation counters, tomodensitometers and ionization chambers; and in checking equipment to ensure proper operation
Methodical interest in speaking with physicians to obtain instructions for preparing radiopharmaceuticals and administering them to patients or to biological samples; in providing appropriate care for patients during examinations; and in applying radiation protection measures
Innovative interest in compiling data by recording and processing results of procedures for use by nuclear medicine physicians in the diagnosis of diseases

A medium level of physical strength may be required for this job position

Cancer treatment centres; Clinics; Hospitals; Radiological laboratories; Colleges and universities

- Obtain required education training
- Get provincial license and membership with the provincial association