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Here are the goals that we introduced at the start of the module. Read through them and assess your personal learning:

Content Goals

  • Gain an understanding of the basics of conflict management.
  • Understand physician’s responsibilities in the medical complaint process and produce responses to complaint letters.
  • Develop an increased understanding of physician roles and responsibilities with regard to patient care.
  • Learn expressions to elicit the patient’s expectations, and enlist their cooperation in treatment.
  • Identify your own personal biases (issues of conscience) and how to deal with these in a professionally appropriate manner.
  • Identify legal issues related to abortion in Canada.

Communication Goals

  • Refine interview management skills for dealing with difficult and/or emotionally charged patients (e.g. demonstrating increased empathy or understanding for patient perspective where needed; when to clarify the reasons behind a patient’s decisions; how to actively listen and to move the interview forward to the plan of care where needed).
  • Develop interview strategies to reinforce the patient-physician partnership by involving the patient and developing rapport, providing the correct amount and type of information, aiding the patient in accurate recall and understanding, forward planning and ensuring an appropriate point of closure.
  • Develop strategies to facilitate patients’ need to express their negative emotions in an appropriate manner.
  • Apologize and to take responsibility for a medical error in a sincere and culturally appropriate manner.

Cultural Goals

  • Gain knowledge on how to prevent medical errors and what to do in the event of a medical error.
  • Gather information on physician expectations in the event of a medical error or patient complaints.
  • Discuss ethical considerations regarding pregnancy termination.
  • Investigate community resources relevant to the case and scenarios within this module.
  • Develop awareness of the Canadian laws and ideas about abortion, the potential social stigma attached to this procedure, and the counseling, support systems available.

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