Resident Panel


Resident Panel

Date / Time
May 7, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am MDT


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Have you matched to residency? Learn from fellow IMGs in residency programs across Canada
This session will include an introduction to four of our members who are currently in residency programs in various programs and specialties. They’ll introduce themselves, talk about lessons learned in residency, and any advice they have for their fellow IMGs who are about to commence residency. This session is for those who matched to provide an opportunity for questions and answers. If other members wish to listen in, they are welcome to do so.

Guest members include:
• Blessing Odia, Public Health, Northern Ontario
• Anwar Hussain, Family Medicine, University of Calgary
• Ibifubara Aprioku, Pediatrics, University of Alberta
• Ahmed Ibrahim, Internal Medicine, University of Calgary

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Friday:; 403-520-7730
Saturday:; 403-520-7730


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