Online Mock OSCE Preparation Course – Part 3


Online Mock OSCE Preparation Course – Part 3

Date / Time
September 14, 2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm MDT


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This portion of AIMGA’s NAC OSCE Preparation Course includes an online mini mock OSCE which will be held virtually via ZOOM

Course details:
Each candidate will do a total of four (4) cases and move from room to room. In each room, there will be a standardized patient, an examiner, and an AIMGA admin/communication observer. Candidates will have 2 minutes to read the door sign and either 8 or 11 minutes to do the case depending on whether or not there will be examiner questions. Following the two rounds of four candidates each for a total of 8, there will be a feedback session where examiners will share their overall comments and advice for the real NAC OSCE. Examiners are experienced, licensed physicians who have previous experience assessing candidates and/or teaching medical students.

6:00-6:15 Orientation
6:15-7:15 Round 1
7:15-8:15 Round 2
8:15 -9:00 Group Feedback Session

This course is only partially funded and therefore there is a $200 fee to participate.

As there is a fee to the course, it is hoped seats go to those who are doing the NAC for the first time. For those who may be enrolled in other courses that are offering a mock at no cost, we obviously encourage you to make use of that opportunity. For those who have participated in AIMGA’s OSCE Preparation Course last year where you had the opportunity to do cases and obtain feedback, this course would most likely be repetitive for you. That said, we leave it to you and at your discretion whether you wish to participate or not and have allocated whatever costs we can to make the cost minimal to you.

Please note your seat is not confirmed until payment is received.  After you have clicked on “Reserve My Spot”, please click on the PayPal icon to confirm payment.  Also, if we have not received proof of registration for the exam, you will be contacted. If no proof, you will be removed and funds paid returned to you in order to ensure we have the right person in the right seat at the right time.

Also, there will be one seat allocated to one person to ensure seats are given to all those who wish to participate. Therefore, please do not register for more than one session.

If seats are full for all four sessions we have currently scheduled, please email Monica at monica@aimga to be put on a waitlist.

Thank you kindly, everyone. As always, it is a pleasure to work with each of you. At AIMGA, we believe your success is our success.


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