One-on-One Consultations with Deidre


One-on-One Consultations with Deidre

January 5, 2021 - January 26, 2021
9:30 am - 12:30 pm



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Our Executive Director is available to meet with members for the following purposes:

In general (30-minute consultations; information and orientation):
– to discuss your background training and experience;
– to provide guidance on pathways to licensure;
– to answer questions you may have about pathways to licensure, AIMGA’s services and programs, and other supports; and
– to determine your next step with regard to your goals.

Licensure Pathway Support (1-hour consultations):
Our AIMGA staff members are here to help you with your application to AIMGP, CaRMs, PRA-AB, other PRA programs in other provinces. These sessions are typically one-hour in length to assist you by reviewing application submissions, resumes, and personal statements for grammatical correctness and clarity. AIMGA also offers a CaRMS Preparation Program which we highly recommend for those applying to CaRMS (Canadian Residency Matching System).

Employment Related Services (30-minute or 1-hour consultations):
Our AIMGA staff are here to help you achieve your employment goals. If you are looking for employment as a short-term or long-term goal, we are here to assist you. Support may include a discussion of your background, interests, and employment needs. Or, if you have a job you are interested in applying for, we can review your resume and/or cover letter for example. Or, if you’ve been called for an interview, book a mock interview session with us to help you prepare. We are also here to discuss other pathways in healthcare. If you are serious about exploring alternative career pathways in healthcare, we recommend you consider our Career Transition Program which will be offered in September and January.

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