Anaesthesia Technologist/Assistant

Anaesthesia Technologists/Technicians/Assistants are specialized health care providers generally with a degree in Respiratory therapy/Registered Nursing

Provides diagnostic and therapeutic services under clinical direction of the Anaesthesiologist by assisting with and/or performing duties involving:

Pre- induction, Arterial line catheterization, Endotracheal Intubation, Central line insertion, Autotransfusion (cell saver), Pulmonary artery catheter insertion, Setting up and assisting with insertion and taping of epidurals, Assists in other areas such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT (Computed Tomography), Angio, as required.

Performs and/or assists with arterial punctures, blood sampling from arterial lines, airway management and assists Anaesthesiologist with difficult intubations, under Anaesthesiologist direction, checks and administers blood products to meet patient requirements utilizing rapid infusion equipment, in accordance with established transfusion practices, monitors patient vital signs pre and post transfusion for adverse reactions.

Performs cell saving and blood salvaging functions during surgery as requested by Anaesthesiologist and surgeons by methods such as setting up and operating cell saver equipment to collect the patient’s blood shed, cleanse and recycle the elements of blood to the patient during surgery.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly


Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$39,201- $74,003

Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists (3217)

Assistant cardiology supervisor; Cardiac catheterization technician; Cardiac catheterization technologist; Cardiac stress technologist; Cardiac technician; Cardiology instructor; Cardiology supervisor; Cardiology technician; Cardiology technologist; Cardiovascular technician; Cardiovascular technologist; Charge technologist - electrocardiography; Electrocardiographic (ECG) technician; Electrocardiographic (ECG) technologist; Electrocardiography technician; Electrocardiography technologist; Electrocardiology technician; Electrocardiology technologist; Holter monitor technologist; Holter scanning technologist; Neuroelectrophysiology technologist; Non-registered electrocardiography technician; Registered cardiology technologist; Registered electrocardiography technician; Student cardiology technologist; Vascular technologist

Completion of a registered respiratory therapy/nursing followed by two-year college diploma program in Cardiology technology and supervised practical training

Employment outlook is fair to undetermined in most provinces. More information is available here.

Without further education, chances to advance in this occupation are limited.

0-1 year training and experience are usually required

professionalism, maturity and self-confidence

empathy and the ability to reassure patients

the ability to be detail-oriented

the ability to respond quickly and appropriately in emergencies

the ability to work with little direct supervision

the ability to work as part of a team

Anaesthesia technologists do shift work in health-care settings. The work is physically demanding. They are on their feet most of the time. They sometimes lift and move patients who cannot move on their own.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) established the Anaesthesia Clinical Assistant (ACA) role following the CAS guidelines, as strategies to address health human resource shortages and employment of IMGs in healthcare. RRTs, RNs and IMGs with appropriate preparation and experience are eligible for admission into the two-year graduate certificate program at the University of Manitoba. The CPSM regulates ACAs; ACA are listed on the clinical register.

IMGs may need to complete a two/three-year college diploma program in respiratory technology or registered nursing.

Certification for anesthesia assistants is available to registered (RRTs) and associate members (RNs, CAs, PAs, IMGs) of the CSRT who have graduated from an accredited anesthesia assistant program and hold a valid license to practice.