Mental Health Residential Care Manager

Mental health residential care manager plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of health care services, such as diagnosis and treatment, nursing and therapy, within institutions, and in other settings, that provide health care services. They are employed in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other mental health care organizations. They also consult with boards of directors and senior managers to maintain and establish standards for the provision of health care services. They ensure the quality of the care being provided to the patients and evaluate the services. They also monitor the use of diagnostic services, in-patient beds and facilities to ensure effective use of resources. They are responsible for planning and controlling departmental or establishment budget. They meet with government officials, the public, the media and other organizations.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$18.55 – $59.70

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$36,176 – $116,426

Managers in health care (0311)

Mental health residential care program manager

Rehabilitation services director

Manager – Addiction and mental health

Candidates are usually required to have a master’s level education and training in mental health/health/social work related field. Proven record of leadership and management training and/or experience including supervisory experience, are usually required. Certification in the relevant field may be required.

Project management training is required. Front line work experience (e.g., mental health counsellor/detox LPN etc.) is an asset.

Average hourly

Range hourly

Average yearly

Range yearly


$18.55 - $59.70


$36,176 - $116,426

Employment outlook is mostly fair to good across provinces. More information is available here.

These jobs require decent amount of experience. With further education and/or experience managerial positions can be obtained.

There are no direct/specific training/degree for this job. Health/social work related background and outstanding management training/experience can lead to pursue this career.

However, the following education and training may be assets.

Mental health and addictions certificate at Ryerson University

Masters in Psychology at University of New Brunswick

Community Mental Health Worker Certificate at Vancouver Island University

Graduate Diploma In Addiction And Mental Health Psychotherapy at University of Lethbridge

Project management and lean sigma certifications. Examples:

Certified Agile Project Manager (Cert. APM) at Dalhousie University, University of Toronto, Western University, PMI Lake Ontario Chapter (PMI-LOC), etc.

Project Management (University of Toronto, University of Calgary, NAIT, SAIT, SaskPolyTech, etc.)

Advanced Project Management (University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Seneca College, etc.

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Lean six sigma certification training: (University of Calgary, University of Toronto, BCIT, etc.)

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Leading and Motivating; Strategic Planning; Co-ordinating and Organizing; Recruiting and Hiring; Evaluating; Allocating and Controlling Resources; Supervising; Analysis; Projecting Outcomes; Analyzing Information; Communication; Liaising and Networking; Professional Communicating; Advising and Consulting; Business Administration; Client Service; Business Management

Career may start as mental health counsellor/support worker/social worker/nursing etc. then with experience and management skills these positions could be attained.

IMGs can get enrolled into a masters program in psychology, health administration, public health. Also, diploma or certificate programs on mental health (see training section) can be a start from where with experience and on-the-job learning such positions can be possible.