Medical Sales Representative / Account Manager

Achieve territory sales goals and performance, promote medical products and services with key opinion leaders, targeted specialists and healthcare professionals, know customers’ needs and deliver solutions that benefit patients, develop, implement and execute a business plan and sales plan, communicate and collaborate with teams, maintain a current level of knowledge on assigned products and disease areas, analyze and report on sales, communicate plans, participate in meetings, review activities and budgets on a regular basis, develop relationships with and manage accounts with wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacy chains and others.

Background in Health Sciences/Business is preferred usually. Experience with care providing may be preferred some time.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$16.90 – $78.46

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$32,955 – $153,000

Technical sales specialists - wholesale trade (6221)

Medical equipment and supplies salesperson

Medical instruments sales agent

Pharmaceutical sales representative

Pharmaceutical salesperson

Surgical supply salesperson

Ultrasonic equipment salesperson

Veterinary equipment and supplies salesperson

  1. Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Health Sciences or business administration

  2. Master’s degree in medical biotechnology/business might be preferred

Average hourly

Range hourly

Average yearly

Range yearly


$16.90 - $78.46


$32,955 - $153,000


Employment outlook is mostly good across provinces. More information are available here.

With experience higher sales/corporate positions can be obtained.

1-3 years of experience

There are professional master’s programs at some Canadian universities that can be helpful. Examples include:

  1. Master of Biomedical Technology (MBT)/ Combined Biomedical Technology and Business (MBT/MBA) at University of Calgary

  2. Master of Medical Biotechnology (MMB) at University of Windsor

  3. Master of Science, Applied Biotechnology at McGill University

Ability to establish relationships with vendors, customers, colleagues; hospital or account sales experience; excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills; results-oriented and customer focused; proficient in using computer for client data and product data tracking, and data analysis; ability to lead without authority; ability to collaborate effectively with various groups and commitment to teamwork; experience with relevant regulations

Need to be very hard working and dedicated. It is a highly competitive field. Following specialization is available: 1. Medical devices, 2. Medical equipment, 3. Pharmaceuticals 4. Biotechnology

  1. Having experience is the key to find these jobs. Possible ways to gain experience may include:

  • Job shadowing with an established medical sales rep

  • Volunteering at doctor’s office or at hospital

  • Internships with medical sales companies

  • Any other ways of sales related to medical fields

2. Obtaining abovementioned master’s degree with practicum should lead to some valuable experience