Health Program Manager

The Health Program Manager is responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of the programs and services under their supervision. A Health Program Manager is responsible for the management of human, physical, material, operational and financial resources as well as ensuring the quality of care and services provided. May be required to travel outside the zone.

Areas of work include population health, health promotion, disease and injury prevention, primary healthcare, change management, quality improvement and lean methodologies. They work on financial budgets, project planning, development, implementation, evaluation in a variety of settings and report/proposal writing. The role focuses on enhanced access, care coordination, evidenced based practices and integration of inter-professional team.

Program Managers may work in various settings such as Government organisations, NGOs, Healthcare Networks, hospitals/clinics, research facilities, medical device/equipment companies and universities.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$26.63 – $69.09

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$51,923 – $134,726

Health program operations manager - government services (0411)

Health and welfare manager - government services

Health program operations manager

Health program operations manager - government services

Health programs assistant director - government services

Health promotion chief - government services

Health services director - government services

Health strategies manager - government services

Local health services director - government services

Office of health promotion chief - government services

Public health director

Public health municipal officer - government services

Public health nursing educational director - government services

Bachelor’s degree in Health or Health related professions. A master’s in public health/health administration or similar subject can be an asset and sometimes preferred/required.

Certificate in Health Management or 3 – 5 years’ experience in Healthcare management in public Health and/or community health

Project Management +/- lean Six Sigma certifications a plus

Average hourly

Range hourly

Average yearly

Range yearly


$26.63 - $69.09


$51,923 - $134,726

Medium to high

Employment outlook depends on the province. There is good demand in Saskatchewan, fair demand in Alberta and Manitoba, undetermined in Ontario. Click here for details

Some administrators start in junior positions and advance to senior management. Others start in small not-for-profits and move on to senior positions in larger organizations. Learn more.

Also, highly dependent on project type, funding for projects/programs, organization. For job prospects and growth opportunity per region/province, click here

Minimum usually 3 – 5 years.

There are different levels for project management and lean sigma certifications. For example:

Certified Agile Project Manager (Cert. APM) at Dalhousie University, University of Toronto, Western University, PMI Lake Ontario Chapter (PMI-LOC), etc.

Other project management programs

Project Management (University of Toronto, University of Calgary, NAIT, SAIT, SaskPolyTech, etc.)

Advanced Project Management (University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Seneca College, etc.

For more information, click here

Lean six sigma certification training: (University of Calgary, University of Toronto, BCIT, etc.)

Find more

For details of project management certification, click here

For details on lean six sigma certification, click here

Good communication skills; leadership skills; time management; innovation and creative; highly organized with collaborative skills; Interest to vulnerable populations; ability to work in fast paced or stressful situations at times; very diligent and careful; reasonable travel maybe required; must be detail oriented; must be able to work both independently and as part of a team; should have good interpersonal skills; excellent stakeholder engagement.

Canadian College of Health Leaders offers Certified Health Executive Program, click here for details.

Certification in project management from Project Management Institute (PMI) and Lean six sigma methodologies from International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)

Master’s in Public Health or Health Administration or Health Information Management or similar subject may be a good step for IMGs to build their capacity towards this job.

Related masters programs may be found here.

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