Disability Case Manager

  • Managing care services and support for patients with disabilities
  • Choosing health care services that suits the patient’s condition
  • Oversees employees’ transition through the disability process, from filing a claim to returning to work
  • Conduct case assessments, reviewing all applicable contractual, medical, and work-related documentation to determine claims eligibility
  • Processing disability requests, conducting employee interviews, and research as needed
  • Provide any of the following interventions: more in-depth assessment, medical management interventions, initiation and coordination of occupational and/or psychological interventions, utilization of specialized resources or consultations etc.
  • Determine an appropriate return to work (RTW) goal with the employee and the employer, provide active support for the return-to work planning process between the employee and their supervisor and intervene when necessary.
  • Communicate proactively with the employer’s HR representative regarding any case management issues that may impact the workplace and RTW planning.
  • Manage the transition to long term disability (LTD) and provide medical and summary case management information to the LTD insurer to ensure a seamless transition.

Average Hourly


Range Hourly

$20.75 – $35.90

Average Yearly


Range Yearly

$40,463 – $70,000

Human resources professionals (1121)

Disability case manager - human resources

Disability management co-ordinator

Disability management practitioner

Disability management professional

Disability management specialist

Bachelor’s degree in Medical/Health Sciences/Psychology/Nursing, Social Work/Sociology/Criminal Justice, or Human Services

Average hourly

Range hourly

Average yearly

Range yearly


$20.75 - $35.90


$40,463 - $70,000


Employment outlook is mostly good across provinces. More information are available here.

With experience higher human resource manager posts such as regional HR manager can be obtained.

3-5 years of experience

A registered professional status within the disability management or professional health sector along with additional course work in occupational health, rehabilitation, legislation related to disability management, helping relationship skills, mediation, human resource management, disability insurance, psychological and workplace factors

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; creative and analytical problem-solving skills; planning skills; adaptability; helping skills along with superior assessment; Able to work both independently and in team setting

This role can contribute to health insurance policy making. CHRP certification from Human Resources Professionals Association may be helpful.

Probable steps may include finding a volunteering opportunity in a non-profit organization and do community services. Based on the experiences and connections made through that opportunity this position can be obtained.