November Member Spotlight: Mark Ekpekurede

November’s Member Spotlight is on Mark Ekpekurede, a participant in AIMGA’s first cohort of the Career Transition Program and one of AIMGA’s volunteer Research Coordinators.

Mark Ekpekurede is a licensed trained physician who has been registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) since December 2010 where he worked as a General Practitioner with a special interest in emergency and preventive medicine. He has experience managing surgical, obstetric, medical, and pediatric emergency cases.

He was also engaged within the community in the areas of health education, addiction, and counselling and is a firm believer in Preventive Medicine. In addition to his medical practice, Mark volunteered to meet the medical needs of rural communities in Nigeria that lacked basic amenities, accessible and affordable health care and good sanitary conditions.

He migrated to Calgary, Canada with his family in 2016 and is currently preparing for licensure. He currently works with autistic teenagers as a Behavioral Therapist with The Society for Treatment of Autism. He also volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society in creating awareness on Cancer prevention and raising funds for cancer research, prevention, population health and quality of life.

Mark is currently seeking positions that would allow him to focus on clinical research, preventative health and to collaborate with teams of clinical researchers in efficiently providing evidenced-based, smart solutions to preventing chronic diseases. He is also a volunteer Research Coordinator with AIMGA, coordinating research activities aimed at enhancing AIMGA’s visibility in the community with regards to IMG-related research along with other research that benefits members, communities, and AIMGA.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our amazing IMG member. We wish Mark the best of luck in his future endeavours and many thanks for sharing his story and passion for research and preventative health. We believe he is an asset to the Canadian healthcare system!

If you wish to be part of AIMGA’s member spotlight series, please get in touch with Shola at We look forward to showcasing your skills, experience, talents, and aspirations!

Cindy Cheung

Cindy K. Cheung spent over a decade in the corporate world in a variety of industries ranging from Oil & Gas, utilities, non-profit, education, and financial services, and held several positions in administration and human resources. She holds certificates in Professional Editing and Technical Writing from Mount Royal University and a certificate in Graphic Design from SAIT Polytechnic. Before joining AIMGA, Cindy was a freelance technical writer, editor, and graphic designer.