Meet our Staff


Deidre Lake
Executive Director

Deidre’s career started with teaching. From there, she specialized in performance-based, competency-based assessment tools related to language, communication, and workplace integration. She’s managed various programs and initiatives for non-profit organizations and large institutions. She’s been a member of various provincial and national advisory committees. From management, she moved into the areas of curriculum design and research. She’s led several research studies related to language assessment and a longitudinal study on International Medical Graduates in Canada. Deidre has been working with International Medical Graduates since 2004 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas. She has a proven track record in the development of innovative, high quality, outcome driven, online and face-to-face training programs, including the highly successful MCAP program for IMGs in Alberta. She is enthusiastic and driven to continue to lead, develop, and implement quality educational programs. She is committed to excellence and passionate about IMG education, workplace training, e-learning initiatives, and the evolution of technology in the areas of education and healthcare.

Rossalia Videlova
Program Manager

Rossalia Videlova has a comprehensive academic and practical background ranging from applied linguistics and research in Second Language Acquisition to program and curriculum development, project planning, coordination and evaluation. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Bulgarian Philology from the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and a Masters of Education in TESL degree from the University of Calgary. Rossalia is an Alberta Learning and ATESL certified educator with more than 21 years of progressively evolving experience in Canada throughout which she has been utilizing her cultivated abilities to cope with ethnically, culturally and socially diverse educational audiences facilitating all aspects of their success and motivating others to develop their full potential. For eight of these years, Rossalia has devoted her expertise to AIMGA while playing a key role in the design, coordination and administration of all educational activities aimed at providing relevant support to the unique needs of IMGs. She has a proven record of making a positive change in the professional integration of many AIMGA’s members and considers it to be her greatest and most rewarding professional quest.

Tisha Raj

Tisha Raj comes with an extensive background of event planning, workshop facilitation, volunteer management, project and communication management for various not for profits. A 2015 graduate from MacEwan University in sociology specializing in youth and family diversity and a minor in political science, she successfully has worked and traveled to places such as Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Guayaquil, Ecuador and Holguin, Cuba learning the different challenges that each community faces when it comes to the health and wellbeing of its citizens. She has a deep learning for sustainability and conservation and loves to rejuvenate during her travels around the globe and across Canada. Tisha will be helping spread the word about IMGs in the Edmonton community, making connections, and exploring alternative pathways into healthcare.

Nashit Chowdhury
Research & Program Evaluation Coordinator

Having a background as a medical graduate, Nashit Chowdhury is currently focused on working in the area of health and wellness research and community engagement. He has 2 years of experience in public health research where he worked primarily with the diverse immigrant population of Canada. Nashit is highly motivated to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic, physical and emotional wellbeing of immigrants; particularly, International Medical Graduates (IMGs). He enjoys engaging with people, listening to their ideas and thoughts, and learning from their experiences. In his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with family, hanging out with friends, exploring nature, and helping people. He is very excited to work for AIMGA where he can contribute his knowledge and experience to facilitate the professional integration of his fellow IMGs.

Joyce Lam
Graphic Design & Communications Coordinator

Joyce is a graphic designer and an advertiser with a degree in Visual Communications from Alberta University of the Arts based in Calgary, Alberta. She loves brainstorming different concepts, developing brand identities and has volunteered at many different senior homes and companies. She also hosted fundraising events such as Development and Peace for Haiti and the Coldest Night of the Year. She has experience in video editing, motion graphics and website design. Joyce is the Co-Founder of a Made in Alberta, Runner-up beverage company called Parch and Chief Design Officer at JYN Design Studio. Outside of work, Joyce loves drawing, travelling, and is passionate about music. She is interested to learn more about the pathways to healthcare and is excited to apply her design techniques at AIMGA.

Nasim Izadi
Calgary Program Administrator

Nasim Izadi has a degree in Biological Science along with Learning English for Academic Purposes certificate from the University of Calgary. She has a background in Customer Service as well as Program Management in recreation facilities as well as volunteering with Alberta health services in the emergency unit and Calgary Police Community Station in the office.

Nasim loves outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, swimming and camping.

Nasim is also an avid traveler and enjoys exploring and learning about different cultures, their history and meeting new people. She was raised in England, moved back to her home country of Iran and moved to Canada. She has traveled to countries such as Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and United States.

Nasim joined AIMGA in August of 2021 as the Program Administrator and is using her previous experience and knowledge to fulfill this exciting role.

Thaea Deilami
Executive Assistant

Thaea Deilami is a graduate of the University of Calgary with a degree in global development. She has been involved in volunteer activities since 2014, and most recently, she spent the last two years as a volunteer in both the Community Outreach and Peer Support team and Volunteer Engagement team at the University of Calgary Women’s Centre. During the course of her degree, she partook in a team capstone project to design a heat crisis emergency strategy for the City of Calgary. Her team saw their blueprints for designated heat shelters and cooled community spaces come into practice during the historic heatwave in the summer of 2021. Her professional competencies are concentrated on professional writing, project management, resilient strategies, and stakeholder engagement.

Thaea is interested in continuing to apply her experience in administration and stakeholder engagement to work with communities on consultation and development initiatives. She aims to eventually continue her studies with an emphasis on public policy and public interest law. She is passionate about working with lifelong learners from different backgrounds.

Pamela Heath
Project Coordinator

Pamela has a doctorate in Adult Leadership and a master’s degree in teaching English as an additional language. For seventeen years Pam worked within post-secondary education first as an instructor and then in various management roles. As an instructor she has worked with newcomers to Canada at all levels of language proficiency and developed curriculum for domestic, international, and corporate programs. As a manager, Pam oversaw the development and expansion of services related to student experience and campus life.

Pam has extensive experience developing and delivering bridging programs to internationally educated professions transitioning into the fields of education, business, IT, health care, and engineering. As a certified Intercultural Facilitator, Pam has delivered presentations workshops and training sessions on equity, diversity, and inclusion. This includes coordinating the development of an equity framework for policy and research and development of a campus life framework.

Athena Cochinamogulos
Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Athena Cochinamogulos has always been passionate about global poverty, medicine, and equality. Leaving home at 16 to pursue a pre-med Biology degree in the USA has given her insights into both the rigor of scientific study and the migrant experience. Her work at the Viginia Department of Health in the HIV and STI department stirred her passion for effective program development serving urban and disenfranchised communities. To this end she has explored major factors impacting health on a global scale including rural Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and across the US and Canada. Her most recent accomplishment was procuring her Master of Science at the University of Calgary where she explored the relationship between race, vaginal health, and HIV acquisition in Kenyan women. She continues to remain active in her community and acts as a Mental Health advocate, having partnered with several organizations during the pandemic. She is heavily reliant on faith and focus to push forward her purpose and hopes to address the lack of diversity in STEM and medicine. AIMGA acts as a beautiful opportunity for her to understand further the challenges faced by IMGs and strategize to create opportunities of equity in the healthcare system.

Teresa Lau

Teresa Lau is a human resource professional with extensive experience in recruitment and selection, training and development, and employee relations. She had the privilege to work with foreign workers and assisted them in renewing work permits and obtaining permanent residency. She has also worked as a coordinator for various government and non-profit agencies.

Teresa is a Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta Candidate and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a Concentration in Ethnicity, Immigration and Multiculturalism as well as a Human Resources Management Certificate from the University of Calgary. She is currently pursuing her Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. Through her experience and education, she strives to give others the tools they need to be successful in their lives.


Clementine Crooks
CTP Employment/Resume Coach

Clementine Crooks has her Masters in Leadership with a specialization in Health Care and is CPHR certified. For almost fifteen years Clementine has worked with organizations to improve efficiencies and maximize profitability by developing their people processes. This work has included the development of policies and procedures, performance management processes, executive coaching, recruitment, and employee documentation.

Clementine has worked with professionals across Canada to support their career transition processes where she works in a one-on-one capacity to enhance their chances of getting hired.

Kathleen Hall
Facilitator for MCAP, IELTS, and OET

Kathleen’s career in the English-language instruction field started over three decades ago. She began working as a researcher for TESL Canada then moved on to teach at private institutions, colleges, polytechnics and universities both in Canada and abroad. She has managed projects and programs at post-secondary institutions, and has sat on advisory boards and steering committees for provincial and national initiatives. Kathleen’s main career focus has been on developing models and programs targeting the integrating of immigrants into skill-appropriate employment. Most importantly for the purposes of AIMGA, she has worked with International Medical Graduates since 2006. She was involved in Deidre’s highly successful MCAP program for IMGs as an instructor through the Universities of Calgary and Alberta as well as online. She also worked with MCAP in curriculum development and as a Project Manager. Additionally, she was a curriculum developer, instructor and Program Manager for a national English for Health Care Occupations project. Kathleen has had extensive experience in delivering IELTS preparation courses. In addition to her RSA/CTEFLA and undergraduate and graduate studies in English Language and Literature, Theory, and Educational Leadership, she has been engaged in ongoing training in teaching methodologies, and has several post-graduate teacher-training certificates. She has been formally training EAL instructors for the past 4 years.


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