AIMGA is pleased to offer the MCAP CRASH course, which was formerly known as our C-CRASH (Communication, Critical Reasoning, Attitude and Skills in Healthcare) / MCAP (Medical Communication Assessment Program) course. This program consists of face-to-face sessions and a selection of MCAP Online modules, facilitated by Deidre Lake. Please click here to review a summary of modules that may be included in the program.

Face-to-face sessions are facilitated by a practicing physician and medical educator and a medical communication educator. Sessions focus on information pertinent to successful integration into the Alberta healthcare system and contain a practice case with a standardized patient. This program is geared towards those going into practice via CaRMS, ACSAP, or the Practice Readiness Assessment (PRA) route.

Eligibility Criteria

IMGs who apply to the MCAP CRASH program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be an active member of AIMGA in good standing
  2. Must be IRCC eligible (i.e., Permanent Resident, Refugee, Temporary Resident) *
  3. Must meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Have a practice eligibility letter from the CPSA; or
    • Provide proof of unsuccessful QE2 exam results; or
    • Provide proof of registration for the upcoming QE2 exam; or
    • Provide proof of AIMGP submission for the current cycle

* This program is made possible by funding from IRCC and therefore, we are only able to accommodate those who are IRCC eligible.

Program Structure

This program consists of two components:

Component 1 (Foundation): Consists of a program orientation and MCAP Online modules 1 and 2.

Component 2 (Face-to-Face Sessions): Consists of weekly, 8–10 sessions in the evening and a selection of 3 or 4 additional MCAP Online modules. Includes a mid-course assessment and a final assessment.


  • Participants must successfully complete Component 1 in order to continue onto Component 2.
  • Participants will be required to spend 15 hours per week to successfully complete the program (3 hours in class and 12 hours for each online module and assignments).
  • Any participants that miss 3 classes will automatically be withdrawn from the course. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re able to commit to the course.

Application Form

Sorry, we are not currently accepting applications for this program. Please check back regularly or watch our email bulletins for updates on when the program will next be available.