Job Title:

Study Group Coordinator


Part-Time .5FTE 2.5 days per week evenings and weekends are required to meet client availability.

Who we are

AIMGA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the successful integration of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) into healthcare. We bring diversity to healthcare through the re-integration of IMGs into healthcare, community engagement, and research. We believe our clients have a contribution to make within our communities and therefore our goal is to deliver up-to-date information, quality services and programs and to equip our members with the tools and resources to assist them at every step in the licensure process – from their arrival, through the various examinations, to their applications, into residency, and into practice or alternative career pathways into healthcare where they can utilize their skills and knowledge. While we are a small organization, we are mighty.

Nature of the Work:

This position reports to the Executive Director.

The interdisciplinary nature of this work requires flexibility, adaptability, and reflective practices to address the needs of various initiatives to address identified needs. In this position, the staff member will work in an open-office environment and require collaboration, and remote when necessary.

The Alberta International Medical Graduate Association is dedicated to bringing diversity to healthcare through the re-integration of IMGS, community engagement, and research. AIMGA supports the development of 2 staff, promotes positive and meaningful client experiences through one-to- one consultations, delivery of workshops, community connections, and research. As our members are Alberta-wide, AIMGA strives to utilize learning technologies and fosters research to better understand and improve client services. AIMGA strives to facilitate conversations, build communities, link networks, and catalyze a culture of evidence, best practices, and learning. AIMGA’s embodies three foundational commitments of helping clients make informed decisions regarding their future careers, supporting their integration through quality programming and service delivery, and engaging with others in healthcare and community to build capacity, knowledge, and access.


  • Become highly familiar with the examinations required of our members (QE1, NAC OSCE, QE2, TDM, IELTS, MMI, Casper). This includes exam and program objectives, content, registration dates, offerings, etc.
  • Coordinate quality study groups to assist members. Gather resources, meet with moderators, taking the time to listen and to learn from members regarding their experiences with the various examinations, research information on these exams, knowing which resources are useful for the different examinations.
  • Provide information on AIMGA’s study groups programs and respond to member inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Maintain the important deadlines calendar for members (registration for exams, test dates, deadlines, etc.)
  • Ensure evaluations are collected for each study group and amalgamate information collected for reporting purposes.
  • Ensure study group members are followed up on quarterly and successes are tracked as member’s reach milestones. Contribute to reporting requirements and collection of data.


  • Respond to in-person, email, and phone inquiries from members
  • Maintain materials, resources, and information


  • Bachelor’s degree required; International Medical Graduate IMG is preferred.
Functional knowledge
  • Bachelor’s degree required; International Medical Graduate IMG is preferred.


  • Medical educator experience is preferred.
  • Previous experience helping others prepare for exams is ideal.
  • Training and/or experience working with diverse populations, highly professional and educated clients
  • Excellent oral and written communication, ability to address multiple audiences in a variety of small and large settings, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Attentive to detail, well organized, able to manage multiple priorities
  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain rapport with members and provide an experience that is consistent with the values of AIMGA
  • Positive, collaborative, energetic, and resourceful work style

This position is for a 9-month duration based on funding until March 31, 2023. Competitive compensation together with benefits and paid vacation time is provided. If this role is of interest and you meet the criteria, and reside currently in Calgary or area, please apply with your resume and cover letter to