Health and Wellness Team

Sara Abraha
General Practitioner
Tigrinyan, Arabic
Sara Abraha is an International Medical Graduate from Khartoum Sudan where she worked as house and medical officer in two governmental teaching hospitals. Following this, she was hired as a national physician at the international organization for migration[...]
(IOM) where she worked until 2015 before coming to Canada. Since her arrival in Canada she has held several volunteer positions with AHS at the south health campus, the Bairex Medical Institution in the USA, and a peer support group facilitator with foothills community wellness unit. She has been an active member of AIMGA's COVID Response / Health and Wellness team and conducted various presentations, webinars, and podcasts. She is seeking employment opportunities where she can work with patients in non-regulated roles and expand upon her knowledge and experiences within the Alberta healthcare system.
Maryan Aden
Arabic, Somali
Folasade Akinwande
Family Medicine
Ibifubara Aprioku
Ophthalmology, General Practitioner
Ibifubara Aprioku is an international medical graduate from the College of Health Sciences, University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, where she obtained her medical degree and graduated among the top 10 of her class. Ibifubara practiced for a brief period[...]
as a general physician before pursuing training in Ophthalmology at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. During her residency, she distinguished herself by providing excellent patient care that contributed to overall increased patient satisfaction. Later in her career, she also focused on pediatric health reviving the ophthalmic team and unit in Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, a state owned 375 bed facility in Port Harcourt Nigeria, where she worked until 2018 when she relocated to Canada.

Ibifubara is passionate about the health needs of young adults, adolescents, and children, specifically. She has been actively involved in child health promotion, teaching, and volunteers in the mentoring of teens and youth. As a physician, with an interest in pediatrics and ophthalmology, Ibifubara focused on reducing childhood mortality and morbidity. Ibifubara also has an interest in research and instruction and has published over six research papers in various international journals. She is currently participating in a research certificate course to improve her knowledge in the field of research. She is also an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association's health and wellness team. She is seeking to apply her clinical and research expertise in the healthcare system in an alternative career or as a physician.

Foto Asfaha
General Practitioner
Foto Asfaha is an International Medical Graduate from Orotta School of Medicine, Eritrea. He worked as a general practitioner in Eritrea for five years where he had the opportunity to perform hundreds of cesarean sections after being trained by the ministry[...]
of health in Eritrea in collaboration with WHO.

He also worked in Ghana West Africa as a Quality Assurance Officer for two years from 2017 to 2019 prior to coming to Canada where he was involved in quality projects and developing standard operating procedures to maintain high standards of patient care. He has licenses to practice in both Eritrea and Ghana.

Since coming to Canada he has worked at RBC as client advisor, volunteered at Immigrant Services Calgary as a language interpreter and translator, and is an active member of the COVID-19 Response / Health and Wellness team. He's currently working at Alberta Health Services as a case investigator and contact tracing for Covid-19 in Communicable Disease Centre.

Marian Atia
General Practitioner, Women's Health
Arabic, French
Osas Attamah
Family Medicine
Osas Attamah has over 5 years of experience as a physician in acute and primary care as well as community health. Osas discovered a drive to make a larger, positive impact on more people in the community and globally while working as a physician. She[...]
began volunteering in community health outreach initiatives in the areas of planning and execution while providing frontline medical care.

She also organized fundraising programs, volunteered for not-for-profit organizations and disability programs which led her to pursue certificates in Organizational Healthcare Management and Administration and Leadership and Management from the University of Washington. She's currently a member of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association's health and wellness team and is exploring career opportunities that align with her interests.

Abdel-Nassir Bare
Somali, Arabic, Mandarin
Sheetal Bhojani
Hindi, Gujarati
India, United Kingdom
Sheetal Bhojani is an International Medical Graduate from India who has trained across India and the United Kingdom, in some of the major cities and hospitals in both countries. Though a general paediatrician by background, she has a special interest[...]
in Nephrology & has also diversified into developmental paediatrics. She loves children and enjoys working with children from various demographics. She feels working with children has a sense of satisfaction, which is rarely achieved in any other specialty.

She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Medicine in 2002, from Grant Medical College, India. She then completed her Diploma in Child Health and Fellowship of College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) from India before moving to the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, she achieved her Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Certificate of completion of training in Paediatrics, UK. As a staff paediatrician, she diversified into developmental paediatrics, particularly autism assessments.

She also has a keen interest in research with several publications to her name mostly in paediatric nephrology. She is also an enthusiastic teacher and provided lectures for the MSc teaching program with the University of Glasgow. She was also a national trainee representative during her time as a paediatric trainee in UK.
She is seeking to combine her extensive clinical experience with her passion for research. She is especially passionate about gaining a greater understanding about the developing mind of children, especially in the early years and the future implications for children with neurodevelopmental challenges. As such, she is looking to getting involved in research in this area.

Louise Curammeng
Family Medicine
Tagalog, Ilocano
Louise Pascual Curammeng gained more than 10 years of experience in Family Medicine (Fellow Philippine Academy of Family Physicians) before coming to Canada in 2015. She also has a Master's in Public Health (Philippines) and worked as a clinical consultant[...]
and clinical professor in Family Medicine at a university hospital (Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation in Manila Philippines).

Upon arrival in Canada, she started volunteering at the Canadian Red Cross as a member of the Emergency Response Team helping on small scale disasters. Later she was accepted as a Health Care Aide in Hemodialysis at the Foothills Medical Centre. Three years later, she was offered to do the pilot training as HCA Cycler Assist in Home Peritoneal Dialysis at the Sheldon M Chumir Health Centre, which she continues to do part-time. She also volunteers as a COVID19 Screener at the Urgent Care Centre at Sheldon M Chumir keeping patients and staff safe. She is completing the sponsored course for Infection Prevention and Control of IPAC Canada.

She is seeking opportunities in the field of infection prevention and control. She hopes to contribute more for the well-being of all Canadians and is exploring pathways in Family Medicine.

Yorusaliem Abrham
General Practice
Yvonne Efegoma
Community Medicine, Epidemiology
Honey Farinas
Community Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging
Tagalog, Ilocano
Mark Ekpekurede
General Practice
Mark Ekpekurede is a licensed physician who has been registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) since December 2010 where he worked as a General Practitioner
with a special interest in emergency and preventive medicine. He[...]
has experience managing surgical, obstetric, medical, and pediatric emergency cases.

He was also engaged within the community in the areas of health education, addiction, and counselling and is a firm believer in Preventive Medicine. In addition to his medical practice, Mark volunteered to meet the medical needs of rural communities in Nigeria that lacked basic amenities, accessible and affordable health care and good sanitary conditions.

He moved to Calgary with his family in 2016 and is currently preparing for licensure. He currently works with autistic teenagers as a Behavioral Therapist with The Society for Treatment of Autism. He has volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society in creating awareness on Cancer prevention and raising funds for cancer research, prevention, population health and quality of life.

He has also volunteered with AIMGA to conduct research in the area of alternative career pathways for IMGs and is a co-author of a publication. He is now a member of AIMGA's health and wellness team. Mark is seeking positions that would allow him to focus on preventative health and to collaborate with teams of clinical researchers in providing evidenced-based, smart solutions to preventing chronic diseases.

Emel Ghafari
General Practitioner
Atobrhan Godlu
General Practitioner
Atobrhan Godlu is a medical doctor from Eritrea. He has worked as a general practitioner in both hospital and clinic settings in Eritrea and Sudan. Atobrhan is currently working as a surgical processor at the Foothills Medical Center while being enrolled[...]
in the Health Service Management Master's Program at the University of Lethbridge to expand his expertise in the health administration field. He is also doing the Canadian medical licensing exams and pursuing employment opportunities that enable personal and professional growth in healthcare. Atobrhan is an active member of AIMGA's Covid-19/Health and Wellness team and has conducted presentations,
webinars, podcasts, and so on.
Habib Hakimeh
General Practitioner
Habib Hakimeh is an international medical graduate from Syria who is passionate about discovering and learning new things. Since 2010, his passion about people has been shaped through volunteering at the Mouvement de la Jeunesse Orthodoxe where he organized[...]
and implemented indoor and outdoor youth recreation programs, camps and events, in addition to providing company and entertainment to elderly through nursing-home visits. Throughout medical school, he attended several courses and workshops about the fundamentals of evidence based medicine and clinical research. Also, he worked as an independent tutor,
teaching biology, microbiology and physiology to medical students.

He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Medicine from the University of Kalamoon, Deir Atiah, Syria in 2017 including a one-year internship in Kalamoon Hospital. In 2018, he led a literature review about HLA and its relation to obesity under the supervision of California institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology.

Habib is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association's health and wellness team and is exploring careers based on his interests.

Einas Nagib Hussein
General Practitioner
Einas Nagib Hussein completed her medical education with honours in Cairo, Egypt. She practiced as a general physician, then pursued a Masters of Medical Sciences and a PhD in Medical Physiology during which she gained experience in experimental research[...]
and acquired 7+ years of teaching experience in medical physiology to medical, pharmacy, dentistry, and nursing students.

She is board member of Alberta Hands and Voices, a parent-led, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. She also volunteers at the Foothills Medical Centre she in retail services that support patient care and comfort. Additionally, she is a member of AIMGA's COVI?D Response / Health and Wellness team which supports newcomers’ health education.

At heart, she is a passionate educator with an inquisitive mind. She takes pride in her work ethics. She is known to bring compassion and positivity to any workplace. She is currently pursuing career opportunities to support health literacy and well-being of people today to contribute to their quality of life for tomorrow.

Gloria Ikeneku
Family and Community Medicine
Edo, Pidgin English
Gloria Ikeneku is an international medical graduate from Nigeria who is passionate about public health as she believes health is prevention of diseases and early detection is key for achieving a healthy population. She has been actively involved in health[...]
promotion, advocacy, counselling, awareness, rehabilitation, and disability care in the course of her career. She was involved research conceptualization, collation, interviewing, and analysis of data on research regarding client uptake of contraception in a community setting.

She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Medicine from University of Benin, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria. She practiced as a General Practitioner and as an Assistant Primary Health Care Coordinator after which she specialized in Family Medicine for two years before moving to Canada in May 2018. Due to her keen interest in Public health, she acquired Master's in public health. Gloria also has an interest in Public health preventions, health education and counselling, monitoring and evaluation and Health administration. She is an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and a member of the health and wellness team while she explores opportunities to become part of the Canadian healthcare system.

Ifeoma Iloghalu
Community Medicine
Kola Juba
General Practitioner
Beyond Kola Juba's passion to tailor people's care to their specific needs, Kola's motivation to become a physician in his home country was spurred when his father suffered a cerebrovascular attack. With seven years of clinical practice, Kola is an experienced,[...]
innovative and result-driven physician who views most of his achievements as privileges.

Due to his strong leadership and interpersonal skills, he coordinated the National Health Insurance Scheme Program with a database of over 10,000 clients for a community health centre in Nigeria. He was responsible for adjudication and claim resolution, evaluating medical claims, reviewing each client's eligibility for health care benefits, as well as quality control in respect to health care services delivered to clients.

Kola's research skills were exhibited when he coordinated and enrolled over 100 subjects infected with HIV into a study to determine the effect of Highly-Active Anti-retroviral Therapy (HAART) on CD4 count in a community. He subsequently created questionnaires and designed the scope for research on substance use among undergraduates in a University community.

As a creative-problem solver, he designed and implemented an infection control and disease prevention unit with a standard protocol at a community health centre during the Ebola Virus epidemic. In this role, he organized workshops and seminars for various communities on preventive medicine, with a focus on lifestyle modification as a vital component of disease prevention. Prior to volunteering through a not-for profit organization in assessing and managing people living with HIV, Kola was awarded with a letter of commendation for meritorious service by health organizations, towards improving health care delivery systems.

Kola volunteers for the Distress Centre and AIMGA's health and wellness team. He plans to acquire a Masters in Healthcare Management and Leadership. He is exploring opportunities in the Canadian Healthcare System in insurance management, clinical research, or infection control.

Ankit Kainth
Hindi, Punjabi
Ankit Kainth is a Psychiatrist from India. His exceptional dedication, perseverance and sincerity towards his work has helped him to become a clinician with great compassion and empathy. His vast clinical knowledge, strong work ethics and perceptive nature[...]
help him to deal effectively with diverse array of mental health challenges.

Currently, he has been involved in raising health awareness in general population by being a part of AIMGA's health and wellness team besides his involvement in research related to mental health. As a person, he is industrious, and humble and always gives delight to the people around him. He is always keen to volunteer in initiatives that support underprivileged populations of society. He cherishes the company of family members and loves to travel. He looks forward to establish himself as a mental health care professional in future.

Pallavi Kainth
Hindi, Punjabi
Uchechukwu Ifeoma Katchy
Community Medicine, Epidemiology
Igbo, Pidgin English
Samina Khan
Internal Medicine, General Medicine
Urdu, English
Nuruddin Lakhani
Pediatrics, Public Health
Nuruddin Lakhani is a medical professional with a background in clinical pediatrics and public health. Nuruddin possesses over a decade of experience working in a community hospital in Tanzania. Nuruddin is a strong proponent of child health as evidenced[...]
by his work in vaccine advocacy which resulted in PCV-13 & Rotavirus Vaccine being administered free of charge under the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) of Tanzania. He was also instrumental in the development and accreditation of postgraduate curricula that paved the way to introduce postgraduate training programs at the Aga Khan University Medical College in East Africa (Dar es Salaam Campus).

Nuruddin's educational background in clinical pediatrics and public health has enabled him to assume various roles in his career as a pediatrician, health educator, program developer and administrator in medical education. He has strong abilities to communicate effectively with his colleagues, demonstrated problem-solving skills, the ability to motivate people and exceptional time management skills; these skills are the driving forces for his achievements in his professional life. Outside of work, he enjoys photography and listening to music.

He is currently working as AIMGA's Community Engagement Coordinator and as a Contact Specialist with Alberta Health Services Communicable Disease Centre. He is seeking a position as a Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics.

Natalia Liamprekht
Internal Medicine, General Medicine
Ukranian, Russian
Dong Qing Mai
Dong Qing Mai is an IMG from China where she practiced as an internist. Since coming to Canada she has worked as a medical office assistant and a registered respiratory therapist which provided her the opportunity to familiarize herself with the Canadian[...]
health care system while preparing for exams. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner and is passionate about taking care of patients and helping people to stay healthy. She is currently working as a contact tracing specialist in AHS while trying to become re-licensed as a registered respiratory therapist in Canada (Alberta and Ontario) so that she can contribute her knowledge to the COVID-19 battle.
Mary Rose Manzano-Leal
General Practice
Tagalog, Ilocano
Mary Rose Manzano-Leal is a General Practitioner from the Philippines. She finished the Bridge to Canadian Nursing (BScN,RN) program at Mount Royal University and has been working as the Director of Care in one of the Supportive Living Facilities in Calgary.[...]
She is currently on maternity leave and working towards completing the Medical Council of Canada licensure exams. She has been an integral member of AIMGA's COVID Response team and called Cargill employees, worked as an interpreter for AHS townhall meetings, conducted presentations, webinars, and podcasts, and translated documents as requested.
Tasmira Mohib
Family Medicine
Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Deepa Nair
Family Medicine
Hindi, Malayalam
India, Oman
Deepa Nair is an experienced family medicine practitioner with 15 years of experience in India. During her family practice, she was involved in conducting medical camps for the under privileged in rural areas and also involved in conducting immunization[...]
camps for children. She also worked in the emergency and trauma unit of Atlas Medical Centre hospital in Muscat, Oman for 3 years.

She's now working as a physician assistant in Calgary which involves taking relevant medical histories, conducting medical examinations under supervision, preparing patient charts and referrals. She has been an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduates Association's Health And Wellness Team where she has been conducting webinars related to COVID 19 and other health related topics for the South East Asian communities. She's seeking employment opportunities in healthcare while pursuing licensure.

Serena Obaitua
Psychiatry, Family Medicine
Sandra Okezue
Family Medicine
Igbo, Arabic
Nigeria, Saudia Arabia
Mario Pineda
Easter Prosia
Occupational Medicine
Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon
Edna Ramirez Cerino
General Practitioner
Edna Ramirez Cerino is an International Medical Graduate and Software Assistant from Mexico. Since becoming a General Practitioner, she has worked as a General Manager and Physician in a rural clinic in Mexico which enhanced her skills in community health[...]
and preventive medicine. She immigrated to Canada in 2016 and since then she has worked as a clinical coordinator at the Victoria Fertility Centre and Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine. As an active member of AIMGA's COVID-19 Response Team and Health & Wellness Team, Edna has been enrolled in multiple activities to support the ethno-cultural populations in Alberta during this pandemic. She has also been working with the University of Calgary as a Community Scholar and Community Advisor since November 2020. Edna recognizes the importance of patient education, advocacy and research to improve health outcomes and she is seeking career opportunities to utilize her skills, knowledge and experience in these areas.
Rotji Raphael Pali
General Medicine
Spanish, Angas Hausa
Nigeria, Cuba
Sneha Annie Sebastian
General Medicine, Internal Medicine
Dr. Sneha Annie Sebastian is an International Medical Graduate with more than 3 years of experience in General practice and Internal Medicine . She is a self-driven young doctor with a comprehensive background in providing excellent patient management[...]
and care. She facilitates open conversation, is eager to learn and demonstrate her competencies.
She has expertise in family practice, critical care medicine, cardiology, respiratory medicine, women's health, palliative care, psychiatry, value-based healthcare, community outreach and health advocacy.
Syeda Rubab Shamsi
General Medicine
Urdu, Punjabi
Syeda Rubab Shamsi is an internationally trained physician from Pakistan with over one year of clinical experience in obstetrics & gynecology and internal medicine. Since coming to Canada her passion to give back to community keeps her engaged in various[...]
healthcare related projects such as a volunteering for AIMGA's health and wellness team where she has been actively involved in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently working as a Contact Specialist for Alberta Health Services.
Babitha Tharayil
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Babitha Tharayil successfully completed the Career Transition Program for IMGs and since then volunteered as an analyst for a healthcare app developed by ThinkTank Innovations – Sharesmart and the Canadian Cancer society. She then worked for the Alex[...]
Centre, and is currently working as a contact tracing specialist for Alberta Health Services while volunteering for AIMGA's health and wellness team.

Babitha, an international medical graduate, focuses her positive energy for creative and innovative ideas. She has successfully completed a certificate in research study design provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) and Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS) and ICH-Good Clinical Practice certification. In addition to this, she has undergone training about electronic data capturing using the REDCap software. She has chosen to go through a steep learning curve pursing training in R programming.

In her spare time, Babitha enjoys travel, food, and publishing her paintings. Babitha hopes to find a position in healthcare that combines her interests in technology, research, and education in healthcare.

Rossana Urrutia-Bastardo
General Practioner, Immunology
Rossana Urrutia-Bastardo is an International Medical Graduate from Venezuela where she worked as General Practitioner in urban and rural hospitals for a few years.

Rossana immigrated to Canada in 2008 and completed a master's program in Immunology[...]

at the University of Calgary. She successfully published two articles in peer-reviewed journals. Following her passion for community and health care services improvement, Rossana began working on a community-based research study titled Primary Care Access for South American Immigrants and Refugees: Identifying and Prioritizing Barriers for Mitigation. She and her colleagues recently published an article in the BMJ Open journal, as well as, a commentary in the journal of Evidence-Based Nursing.

Rossana has completed numerous observerships in Family Medicine, and has worked as a clinical aide in a family practice clinic to gain insights into the Canadian health care system. Rossana has been an active member of AIMGA's COVID Response team and provided interpretation services at the COVID-19 testing in Brooks, AB and has been doing podcasts. She has recently joined Alberta Health Services as a case investigator specialist. Rossana aspires to obtain a residency position in Canada.

Christine Weber
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Spanish, German
Christine Weber is a person-centered Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) from Venezuela, where she worked for more than 10 years attending to patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and providing therapy[...]
for pain management. She combined her clinical practice with administrative duties in the managerial medical field as Chief of PM&R in CMDLT, in Caracas, Venezuela, receiving in 2012 the Meritocracy Award for her leadership and for providing volunteer health care services for the community.

She is passionate about teaching, as well as sharing her knowledge and experience gained throughout many years of clinical practice and she has been able to do so by giving educational presentations on health topics for patients, family and community members, as well as Assistant Professor of Postgraduate studies of PM&R for the University Central of Venezuela (UCV). She is highly committed in providing compassionate quality care as well as supporting communities in need.

In 2016 she came to Canada where she has worked as Medical Assistant and Clinic Aide through which she gained experience in the Alberta Health Care system. She's currently an active member of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Association (AIMGA) and part of their COVID Response / Health and Wellness Team and joined Alberta Health Services as Contact Tracing Support Specialist in December. She is very excited to be part of these amazing teams during such challenging times and to be able to help in the fight against COVID and to be engaged in community.

Lekshmi Bala Valsalakumari
Family Medicine, Public Health
Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil
Lekshmi is an IMG who immigrated to Canada in 2020. She came from India where she was in General practice for more than 4 years. She finished her Masters in Public Health in 2018 and had last been working at a telemedicine project among the Indigenous[...]
groups in southern India. She loves working with people and creating a trusting environment with her clients. She hold ethics and moral views in high regard in her practice. She is a diligent worker and holds herself accountable for her actions. She looks forward to working in this beautiful country and for the people and giving her best at it.
Michael Youssef
Surgery (Neurosurgery)
Michael Youssef is an international medical graduate from Egypt who is passionate about Medicine and surgery. Michael strongly believes that it is not about the money but about saving lives and helping others. Michael's most concrete strength is that[...]
he is willing to go above and beyond in all aspects of his professional life.

Michael obtained his Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery from Alexandria University, Egypt. He practiced as a General Practitioner and Emergency Physician after which he obtained a master degree in surgery before moving to Canada in October 2018. Michael comes with 12+ years of experience in managing patients in a clinic setting, hospital, and ER and worked under two licenses – one as a general practitioner and one as a surgical specialist. He's been involved in research conceptualization, screening, collation, interviewing, and analysis of data on research regarding patients who presented to hospital with Cubital tunnel syndrome; a condition of nerve entrapment at the elbow. Michael has published an article in neurosurgery at National Journal of Health Sciences, 2017, 2, 52-56 under the title Comparative Study of Outcome of Simple Decompression Versus Anterior Transposition of Ulnar Nerve in the Treatment of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Michael has completed a variety of workshops and certificates.

Michael also has an interest in health management and was a manager of the Om Elnour hospital for approximately a year. Michael is an active participant in AIMGA's health and wellness team and has been working as a Community Scholar and Community Advisor at the University of Calgary. He recently obtained a position with Alberta Health Services as a Contact Specialist.