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    Tisha Raj

    5. Status in Canada

    Upload, if you are awaiting receipt of your Permanent Resident (PR) Card, you may
    submit a copy of your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)**
    If your PR Card or passport has expired, it is not a valid document and proof of renewal
    will be required. Copies of renewed PR Cards / passports will be accepted until
    October 31, 2021, and an explanation letter must be included with your documents.

    Source: https://www.aimg.ca/Website/media/shared/PDF/2021/2022-Application-Checklist_FINAL-v7.pdf

    Dates for MMI & CASPER

    MMI will be taking place on the weekend of November 20th-21st, 2021
    CASPER can be done over 3 different dates; December 9, 2021, January 5 & 9, 2022.

    Source: https://www.aimg.ca/how-it-works/important-dates-and-deadlines/

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