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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    The Senior Program Officer/Assessment Officer position is a supervisory and/or specialist role requiring a sound knowledge of guidelines, regulations, procedures, concepts and methodologies including project management and general administration. The work is performed under limited direction and includes advice to management and clients; negotiation and collaboration; operational and financial planning; supervision/project management; and program/policy/procedures development.

    Duties of the Senior Program Officer/Assessment Officer position include, but are not limited to:
    • Managing/overseeing operations which includes:
    o Ongoing collaboration/engagement with partners
    o Obtaining feedback to constantly improve operations
    o Evaluating and analyzing trends within the operations
    o Supervising staff (scheduling, training, onboarding, promoting health and wellbeing, completing timesheets, etc.)
    o Communicating changes to operations and supporting staff in the implementation
    o Manage and monitor the operational activities of the unit
    o Estimate operational and project budget requirements
    • Coordinate and/or supervise the delivery and administration of public-directed program(s), projects and initiatives including participating in negotiations and consultations
    • Promote and ensure compliance with legislation, as well as analyzing and resolve issues related to the program and regulatory compliance
    • Provide advice and guidance on program plans, policy, operational issues, requirements and issues to management, staff, clients, stakeholders, providers and the public
    • Provide interpretation, information and functional guidance and direction to program officers on processes, compliance and monitoring
    • Consult with clients and stakeholders to negotiate and arrange for program products and services
    • Act as liaison between federal and provincial governments, regional offices and clients, stakeholders and partners to develop program initiatives and collaborative arrangements including community control of programs, services and resources
    • Responsible for managing large influx of travellers that are referred to the Public Health Agency of Canada at the Ports of Entry (POE) (putting them in a line, asking them to social distance, etc.)
    • Develop and recommend policies, procedures, guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures; as well as coordinating the implementation of policies, procedures and information management systems and assess the impact of new and revised policies and the affect on service delivery
    • Lead and participate in committees, project teams, working groups, initiatives, investigations and projects including those with external enforcement agencies
    • Conduct research and analysis on current and future program needs and emerging and potential issues
    • Manage and monitor the expenditure of contribution funds and perform full management risk assessment and reporting
    • Develop, recommend and conduct community health workshops or other training sessions
    • Conduct complex investigations and inspections related to the enforcement of legislation; question witnesses, prepare prosecution briefs and serve as a witness in prosecutions. These activities may also entail search warrants, seizure of evidence and the fining of violators.

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