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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    As a Public Health International Medical Graduate, you will join our COVID19 Support to emergency response operations in various communities across Canada. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CRC has been called upon to support a broad range of activities in support of Federal, Provincial, Municipal and community partners. These include support to isolation centres, and dedicated support to Indigenous populations and communities to support Pandemic Prevention and Containment efforts.

    As a Public Health International Medical Graduate, you will :

    -Work in different Clinical and Public Health contexts including Swab supervision, rapid testing, vaccination, Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC), physician assistant and other roles (as allowed by provincial /Territorial health jurisdiction regulations).
    -Contribute to the delivery of trainings including but not limited to: EPC/IPC measures (hand hygiene, donning & doffing, etc..), swab supervision, rapid testing, contact tracing, either in-person or through reminders, online trainings, updates or sharing of policies or guidance documents.
    -Monitor and reinforce compliance of IPC measures/ protocols and PPE to ensure overall health and safety of clients, staff and other stakeholders
    -Escalate technical issues to CRC Health technical line manager or health authorities for decision or follow-up.
    -Support and carry out timely, quality reporting and incident reporting to supervisors, line managers or other health authorities/stakeholders for decision or follow-up.
    -Collaborate directly with PHAC, Health Canada and other technical partners as required
    -Support any new or changing procedures as standards evolve during the covid-19 pandemic and required to deploy in Canada as part of an advance team or operational team as needed.

    Click HERE to learn more and/or to apply

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