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    Tisha Raj

    AIMGA is hosting a three part New Member Orientation (NMO) session; Welcome Session, Routes to Licensure and Alternative Career Pathways. These sessions are designed to help members understand the goals of our organization and programs in a format that is easily digestible and offers greater flexibility for individual schedules.

    It is mandatory for new members to attend our Welcome Session as this will ensure that members are able to sign up for any of the programs and services being offered.

    You can then attend either the Routes to Licensure or Alternative Career Pathways or BOTH as they will provide you with an understanding of AIMGA and to help you determine which pathways are most suitable for you and your next steps in the process.

    Welcome Session

    Tuesday, September 7, 6-7pm

    Register: https://aimga.ca/programs/new-member-orientation-nmo-part-1/

    Wednesday, September 8; 11am-12pm

    Register: https://aimga.ca/programs/new-member-orientation-nmo-welcome-session/

    This session will be an introduction to AIMGA, an overview of programs & services in addition to upcoming events/workshops.

    Routes to Licensure/PRA

    Tuesday, September 14; 6-7.30pm

    Register: https://aimga.ca/programs/new-member-orientation-ii-routes-to-licensure-pra-2/

    This session will offer insights to various routes to licensure. It will include

    pathways to residency and the Practice Ready Assessment Route (PRA-AB).

    Alternative Career Pathways

    Tuesday, September 21; 6-7pm

    Register: https://aimga.ca/programs/new-member-orientation-iii-alternative-career-pathways-3/

    This session will provide an overview of alternative careers pathway and inform you of our Career Transition Program. There will also be a basic guide on job search within the Canadian context.

    If you have any questions in regards to registering for these sessions, you can email our Program Administrators;
    Monica Spencer, monica@aimga.ca
    Nasim Izadi, nasim@aimga.ca


    Opeyemi Eseyin

    Hi Trisha I will like to attend the new member orientation. Could you notify me of the net session. Thank you


    Tisha Raj

    Hello Opeyemi,

    All of the dates of the NMO sessions are available on the AIMGA Calendar: https://aimga.ca/calendar/
    They are being held every Tuesday.

    Thank you!

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