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    shawn xu

    Dear all,

    Hope you are all doing well! I am preparing for OSCE for next year, but I feel so isolated due to the pandemic. I am looking for study partners who are interested in forming a small group (2-5 persons) for preparing for 2022 Mar OSCE. Essentially, I visualize the functions of the small group include: 1. encouraging each others during the difficult time; 2. sharing preparation materials, strategies, and experiences; 3. OSCE cases practice; 4. sharing MCC updates regrading OSCE exam; 5. support each other beyond OSCE towards to residency matching or other career routes.
    Probably the group will be only communicate/meet online for now and hopefully we can meet in person in AIMGA later on!
    We will figure out the best way/tool to connect after we have enough participating peers.



    Sherry Qian

    Hi Shawn,

    It is a nice initiative. I would like to join your group.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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