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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    The Women’s Health, Clinical Informatics Lead will manage and lead complex initiatives within Connect Care’s readiness program and will need advanced clinical experience relating to Labour and Delivery, including operative deliveries (OR) is required, as well as exceptional communication skills to understand the diverse needs of the various stakeholders. The CIL will be responsible for managing functions associated with clinical informatics including assessing and defining high-impact reports and measures and working with the clinical communities to encourage Connect Care’s adoption and use for improved clinical outcomes. It is critical that the Lead have the ability to deal with and resolve politically sensitive issues, which may result in high impact to the organization. The Lead may take a coordinating role in recruiting CI clinicians (including physicians, nurses and allied health professionals), ensuring they are orientated to the role they play in clinical informatics within the program and engage clinicians to participate on working groups. This role requires someone with superlative clinical informatics knowledge and experience, strong leadership and communication skills. Connect Care’s requirements span the organization, as well as a number of external stakeholders, including academic institutions, physician and other clinician groups, associations such as the Alberta Medical Association, College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, etc.

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