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    sarbast rashid

    Full job description
    The Physician Assistant will be expected to see patients independently, take a clinical history pertinent to the problem at hand, get collaborate information from all available resources, meet with family members, carry out the appropriate physical examination, formulate a detailed risk assessment, diagnosis, and closely work with multi-disciplinary team and create a management plan. The expectation will be that all patients and results will be reviewed by a physician.

    Additional roles of the PA will be to educate patients, follow-up with patients to ensure that the comprehensive management of each patient disposition is completed and that patients and families remain satisfied with their care. Minor procedures will be within the scope of the PA’s skill set. Clinical documentation and thoroughness is expected. Additional learning opportunities will be supported.

    Successful individual may be required to work any shift (days, evenings, nights) and weekends. Successful individuals will (upon completion of a supportive orientation period) be capable of providing care to patients in collaboration with the physician to patients in the acute care and rapid assessment zones.

    For more information on how to apply, visit:

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