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    sarbast rashid

    Full Job Description:
    Your Opportunity:
    The Alberta Clinical and Surgical Assistant Program (ACSAP) provides International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with an alternate career path to become Clinical/Surgical Assistants. ACSAP programs put candidates through a six-month assessment and evaluation that, upon successful completion, can lead to a full-time and permanent acute care coverage role that addresses clinical and/or surgical coverage shortages. Acute Care Coverage is currently recruiting Clinical Assistants for surgery inpatient units in the Edmonton Zone. We are looking for professionals with General Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine, GI, Pulmonary and Stroke training or clinical experience. Clinical Assistants will provide day and after-hours coverage in surgical inpatient care units at the Sturgeon hospital. Clinical Assistants will be integrated into the current healthcare team, which includes fellows, NP’s, residents and clinical associates.

    All clinical activities are performed under the supervision of the surgeon / physician lead and in collaboration with the multidisciplinary care team. Some of the clinical assistant responsibilities can include, but are not limited to, completing admissions, ordering and performing selected diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, assessing and responding to the patient’s medical needs as they arise and planning care throughout the patient’s hospitalization.

    Required Qualifications:
    Applicants must have one of: A current Limited Practice Register – Clinical Assistant license with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, or A current active application with the Alberta Clinical and Surgical Assistant Program (ACSAP), or Be eligible to participate in the Alberta Clinical and Surgical Assistant Program (ACSAP) and have initiated the application process. http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/assets/info/hp/phys/if-hp-phys-acsap-program-requirements.pdf

    Additional Required Qualifications:
    Applicants with current Limited Practice Register – Clinical Assist license or active registration with ACSAP may apply to this posting with current CV and a Cover Letter referencing this specific recruitment number. Applicants who have not previously applied to ACSAP, or who were previously denied due to an incomplete application, must: Follow the ACSAP application instructions as detailed at http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/medstaff/Page7094.aspx AND Apply to this posting with a current CV and a Cover Letter referencing this specific recruitment number Cover Letters must include current contact information including preferred phone and email addresses and must be signed and dated. Applicants MUST have an English Language Test that will NOT expire* within 3 months of the closing date of this posting. If your test will expire within 3 months of the closing date and you want to remain on the potential applicant list, you MUST provide proof of registration in a new English language Test that will take place in the next 3 months. An expired English Language Test means that it is no longer current within 24 months as required.

    Classification: Clinical Assistant
    Union: Exempt
    Unit and Program: Family Medicine
    Primary Location: Misericordia Community Hosp
    Location Details: As Per Location
    Temporary Employee Class: Temp F/T Benefits
    FTE: 1.00
    Posting End Date: 11-MAR-2024
    Date Available: 22-JAN-2024
    Temporary End Date: 29-JUL-2024
    Hours per Shift: 10
    Length of Shift in weeks: 2
    Shifts per cycle: 10
    Shift Pattern: Days, Nights
    Days Off: As Per Rotation
    Minimum Salary: $24.83
    Maximum Salary: $61.22
    Vehicle Requirement: Not Applicable

    For more information on how to apply, visit:

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