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    sarbast rashid

    Full job description
    At Ontario Health, we are committed to developing a strong organizational culture that connects and inspires all team members across the province. Our vision is that together, we will be a leader in health and wellness for all. Our mission is to connect the health system to drive improved and equitable health outcomes, experiences and value. How we work together is reflected through our five values: integrity, inspiration, tenacity, humility and care.

    Want to make a difference in your career? Consider this opportunity.
    The Advisor is an integral member of the Program Design team and plays an essential role leading the development, planning and implementation of evidence-based policies in the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) and Ontario Lung Screening Program (OLSP). The Advisor will lead work to support program enhancements and operations for the OBSP (including the High Risk Ontario Breast Screening Program) and the OLSP such as developing evidence-based policies and program design as well as materials to support change management. The role is consultative in nature across the Program Design team, other teams across the organization and external stakeholders and experts.
    The Advisor develops, manages and executes initiatives as well as acts as an advisor to the OBSP and OLSP and may lead / oversee projects. The Advisor is involved in high level decisions with in-depth accountabilities including strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and subject matter expertise.

    For more information on how to apply, visit:

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