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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    The Health Research Interviewer is an integral member of the research and data collection team. Due to the important nature of the role, successful data collection is dependent on the quality of each interview conducted by the Health Research Interviewer. Upon start date all new employees must complete a thorough training program. Primary Responsibilities: Make contact with and qualify respondents for each specific study according to research protocols through telephone surveying using phone survey software (Voxco Computer Automated Telephone Interviewing) Conduct interviews in a standardized manner while ensuring information is recorded accurately. Deliver questions in a uniform way when conducting interviews, while also acting in a professional and neutral manner. Provide help numbers to respondents as needed in addition to following protocols for unique interviewing situations. Maintain the security and confidentiality of all information collected from respondents. Be responsive to constructive feedback when monitored to improve interviewing techniques. Complete feedback forms to provide feedback on surveys, both from respondents and areas where HRI’s think improvements can be made. Mentor new HRI’s during training phase as assigned. Actively seek monitors, supervisors or manager regarding potentially difficult calls or situations. Assist with other projects as needed (Paper Surveys, Web Surveys).

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