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    Your Opportunity:
    Under the direction of the Manager, Sexual & Reproductive Health Promotion and as part of the Healthy Children & Families Program in Promoting Health, Provincial Population & Public Health. The key function of the Health Promotion Facilitator II with master’s is to collaborate with members of the team to provide provincial coordination and content expertise for the sexual and reproductive health promotion team and Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression Provincial Advisory Committee (SOGIE PAC). The position supports the team’s work through an integrated planning and evaluation framework approach and by applying population health promotion models and strategies. As a member of a provincial interdisciplinary team, the Health Promotion Facilitator II uses professional knowledge and skills, and health promotion strategies (such as creating supportive environments, developing personal skills, strengthening community action, building healthy public policy and reorienting health services) to initiate, develop, coordinate, lead, and evaluate provincial health promotion initiatives through collaborating with internal and external to support improvements in the health of families across Alberta. This position supports the development and implementation of a strategic priorities for the SOGIE PAC and will engage in the identification and prioritization of opportunities based on review of the literature, environmental scans, client needs and program data. There is flexibility as to the location of this position is within the Province of Alberta. At the time of appointment, the successful candidate may discuss location options with the hiring manager.

    As a Health Promotion Facilitator II, you will lead and coordinate health promotion, disease and injury prevention initiatives and programs using a population health promotion approach. You will identify behavioural, social, political, economic, environmental and organizational factors that promote or compromise health and recommend evidence-informed strategies to address identified priorities. You will conduct situational analyses, literature reviews, environmental scans and focus groups to make recommendations as part of an integrated program planning and evaluation process. You will manage projects using standardized tools and techniques that are conducive or aligned with health promotion, disease and injury prevention practices. You will collaborate with key internal and external key stakeholders in project or program planning, development, implementation, evaluation and improvement. You will facilitate community and staff engagement and build community and staff capacity around population health promotion priorities. You will evaluate the effectiveness of existing health promotion and disease prevention strategies and make recommendations.

    Click https://careers.albertahealthservices.ca/jobs/health-promotion-facilitator-ii-308903 to learn more and/or to apply.

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