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    Kelly Allen-Pitchko

    The Coordinator is also responsible for: Ensuring an adequate volunteer pool is maintained through the volunteer management cycle: interviewing, selection, screening, and retention. Providing volunteer programs that meet the acceptable standard of practice and support the vision and mission of the department and organization. Coordination of specific patient programs/services and retail programming. Product buy strategies, pricing, marketing, and merchandising for the Sunroom Café. Fiscal accountability over the assigned volunteer programming. Ensure a positive, productive, and collaborative environment where volunteers play key roles in operations. Planning for continual improvement of volunteer involvement through facilitation and feedback from volunteers, staff, and clients regarding the quality and value of service. Monitoring and evaluating volunteer practices in assigned volunteer programs within the facility and community to ensure they meet the needs and objectives of staff, volunteers and clients. Ensure a positive and productive environment, fostering proactive relationships with AHS clients, staff, customers and volunteers. Ensures adherence to all AHS policies and procedures. The Coordinator oversees the following programming: Sunroom Café (Retail Operation). System Therapy Lunch Cart (Retail Operation). Van Shuttle Service (Donation-based, driving program). Refreshment Cart (Donation-based program). Wayfinding Program. Vending Services.

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