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    Rovi Bangcaya

    The Alberta Clinical and Surgical Assistant Program (ACSAP) provides International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with an alternate career path to become Clinical/Surgical Assistants. ACSAP programs put candidates through a six-month assessment and evaluation that, upon successful completion, can lead to a full-time and permanent acute care coverage role that addresses clinical and/or surgical coverage shortages.

    Acute Care Coverage is currently recruiting Clinical Assistants for Medicine inpatient units in the Edmonton Zone. We are looking for professionals with General Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine, GI, Pulmonary and Stroke training or clinical experience.

    For more information, please visit: https://careers.albertahealthservices.ca/jobs/clinical-assistant-314769


    Oksana Venhliuk

    I was wondering how to apply for clinical assistant?
    Is my medical doctor degree and residency from Ukraine will be enough to apply for this position or I need to get special additional education?

    Oksana Venhliuk


    Rovi Bangcaya

    Hi Oksana,

    Thank you for reaching out. To discuss about possible options for you such as pathway to licensure, please book a one-on-one consultations with one of our Advisors so you will get the help that you need specifically.

    To book an appointment, please click this link: https://aimga.ca/consultations-and-appointments/

    -Rovi Bangcaya, AIMGA Advisor

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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