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    Rovi Bangcaya

    Full Job Description
    ReDiscover Psychological Services Mission

    We are a team of mental health therapists dedicated to educating our clients and the community about the importance of mental health. We provide transparent specialized therapeutic services which are designed to support you and your family to create a more rich, connected, and meaningful life.

    ReDiscover Psychological Services Values

    We have a strong connection to personal growth, discovery, collaboration, and results-driven behaviour. We believe that at the forefront of personal wellbeing, is the pursuit of a value-driven lifestyle. We encourage committed actions that are in-line with values such as your health, family, travel, and relationship(s). We believe in the development of skills that will help you maintain a balance between your thoughts, feelings, and emotions; using these skills are vital in helping you overcome challenging experiences.

    We are seeking a full-time Administrative Assistant to provide in-person administrative support to our clinic management and team of psychologists.

    Role: Full-Time In-Office Administrative Support

    Minimum of 40 hours/weekly. The hours may be adjusted based on clinic need. Any adjustment of hours will be discussed with you before any long-term adjustments.
    A rate of $19/hour will be provided for this position. The wage can be negotiated/discussed after probationary period based on successful performance. Extended health care coverage after successful completion of probationary period.
    Note: the responsibilities of this position may change depending on services provided

    To apply, please visit: https://ca.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=ReDiscover-Psychological-Services&t=Administrator&jk=1a2680c9f07340c2&q=medical+office+assistant&vjs=3

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