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Good Day
My Name is Fanar Al-Naser, I am an International Medical graduate, and I am so excited to start my career as a medical assistant at Tipaskan Medical Centre here in Canada. I believe that my specific skill set makes me an ideal candidate for your organization. I am a self-motivated individual, kind, honest, caring, patient, and respect people, enjoy the company of others and am a strong team player, have the ability to multitask and learn new tasks quickly in a pressured environment.
Effective team-building abilities with cooperative work relationships, and motivating others to appropriate action.
I have strong communication skills and computer skills, which I use regularly during my volunteer work.
As a family doctor, I have experience working with people with Different populations and clients and assessing patients and clients according to their needs.
I am fluent in both English and Arabic and enjoy communicating in either language have experience working within the Gianna center and dealing with pregnant women and their children, giving them support and education through zoom and calls, and also have Knowledge of and competency of cultural diversity and special issues in working with refugees

I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your organization.

Best Regards

Shirley Haggith

Fanar Al-Naser