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Tisha Raj

Hello Manlong,

I know I’ve called you to explain the process but am going to type it out here so others in a similar situation can see on what to do.

If you’ve applied the previous year, you are going to go into your Physicians Apply and uncheck the documents that are not needed to be shared with AIMGP. For example, internships, medical transcripts etc.

However if you have already shared all the necessary documents but your “shared” status has yet to change, you are going to click on ‘share passport’ and
then your shared status at the bottom will change into green. Eventhough AIMGP says you don’t need to share your passport over on Physicians Apply, this will
need to be shared eventually when you are applying for CaRMS. Also in this case it would just give you an additional peace of mind knowing that all the information
you have shared through your account has been updated.

I hope this helps!!

Thank you!